Shopify Drop shipping is Dead in 2022 – Explained

Shopify Drop shipping is Dead in 2022 - Explained


Readers, drop shipping has taken off in recent years!


It is a common practice among all the new entrepreneurs and business owners to start their journey with the help of drop shipping. Because it is a business model that helps people start their business without any loans or spending much.


People have now started to ask whether drop shipping is dead or not. Rumours have it! The other half have been answering that it is really dead and also contradicts themselves by saying that drop shipping is going through evolution.


But let me tell you this, drop shipping is not dead in 2022. Drop shipping is not a product or a service, it is a fulfilment method. It is still a profitable business model in 2022.


In this article we will be explaining the discussion: is shoplifty drop shipping dead in 2022?

What Is Drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a business model which lets you sell products through your online store, without having to store them. Once somebody has ordered something, you will send it to your drop shipping supplier, who will then ship the product directly to the customer.


In other words, drop shipping is just a way to get a product from the factory to the customer who has ordered it. Drop shipping is the easiest way as the supplier will help you out with everything, producing the product to shipping it and storing it.


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Shopify Drop shipping is Dead in 2022 – Explained

Do you really believe it is dead already? Let’s see by Googling the term ‘drop shipping’.

The results show in the United States and the past five years that there has been some ups and downs but it is not showing that the existence of drop shipping is no more.


Furthermore, the result in worldwide search as well shows its existence. It has ups and downs like all business, and non-business agencies have. But the common result proves its existence still, in 2022.


The results are bouncing up and down all through the year, but there is an uptrend that everybody can notice. Drop shipping is a higher interest now compared to a few years back.


So, according to Google trends, drop shipping is not dead, and there are more people who showed interest in drop shipping than ever. So don’t worry it is not dead in any way.


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Saturation Of Dropshipping In 2022

With people being more interested in dropshipping, I think there is something else we should be focusing on right now. That is saturation.


Do you still dream of starting a dropshipping store in 2022? or you have second thoughts because of dropshipping being so saturated, that it makes you wonder whether your store will stand a chance amidst so much competition?


Well let’s think this through, if dropshipping were saturated would it be possible for all your dropshipping products to be saturated as well.


In my opinion saturated dropshipping products are nothing but a hoax. It is true that some products are pretty famous among dropshipping stores, but the urge for these products is so large that it does not really matter who is selling them and how many of them.


It is obvious to think that dropshipping is saturated because the dropshippers use the same videos, images and ad copy to sell it. If we think of dropshipping saturation it would mean that the dropshipping is dead.


But the results say something else, don’t they? So, stop assuming and get the right information.


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Challenges Dropshipping Will Face Soon

There are challenges that dropshipping is going to face because of its intangible nature.

  • Shipping delays can have an impact by reducing the customers who are visiting your online store.
  • Merchants might fail to follow the proper quality protocols when they are delivering.
  • Customers might get disappointed when they do not get the right product they ordered.
  • Refunds can impact your credibility in front of the payment gateway company that you have partnered with.


Solutions to overcome these dropshipping problems are:

Building a relationship with suppliers, and only offer services to those who can be relied on and provide quality products.


Another way is to research your target market and buy trending products that have a good sell. ake Therefore it will decrease the sipping coats and you will be able to make more profits, than the last time.


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Wrapping It All Up 

There you go with Shopify Dropshipping is Dead in 2022 – Explained. We have tried our best to talk against the rumour that says dropshipping is dead. I recommend you all to not entertain the fake news and look for authorised information.


Leave a comment in the comment section and share your knowledge with us as well. If you have any doubts regarding anything else that is connected to this topic only, then post it and we will try to come up with a relevant answer.

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