Shopify Themes 2.0 News – What are the new features and how will it benefit you

All Shopify merchants, there was exciting announcements at the Shopify Unite on what’s at the very least, according to us the most effective shop platform worldwide. 

 In this blog post We want to give more details on what’s changed with Shopify Themes. Shopify themes and, most importantly the benefits that these new features bring you.

A new theme editor that is more user-friendly

The most significant innovation of Shopify Online Store 2.0 is the ease of working using Theme Editor. Content on the site can be presented in a hierarchical manner as well as blocks that can be covered up.

Flexible sections that can be incorporated into the layout of your store

The past was when it was possible to create the homepage in a flexible way by using Sections and Blocks. Furthermore there was a limit to the amount of blocks that available was restricted. If you desired more personalization in other web pages complex methods, code modifications, or even apps that were individual in nature were required.

The old ways of doing things are an old thing since today’s section can now be utilized to create a flexible layout on any page . They function exactly the same way as those dynamic pages on your home page we are familiar with. The only difference is that it has been expanded to the other sections. It is possible to save the settings that you’ve set on a specific page for each section in a template file. You can, for instance, set up templates for categories or products or blog pages. In the initial setup you will be able to set the default appearance of sections as well as their order. If you decide to include the template it is possible to include additional sections in the editor of the theme.

Meta fields can be added without having any programming experience

The Shopify Online Store 2.0 version allows you to use meta fields. Shopify theme 2.0 it is now possible to utilize the meta fields for anything that is not possible to add via the Shop Editor. It is possible to upload different information about your online store, such as size charts, or other items, as well as media files for your pages for products. There was a time when apps needed to be utilized to manage and create meta fields. However, this is no longer required.

Apps integration in the storefront

Prior to this update extremely difficult to integrate apps into the storefront. It was a challenge to develop and features could not be shared across themes.

There are also themes app extensions. Apps can be easily integrated into themes using app blocks or embeddings . For instance apps can be able to enhance a website by adding exciting features. To determine what apps would be suitable for your store You can look up for the apps available within the Online Store 2.0.

New reference theme

Not to be left out, there is a brand new theme named “Dawn” which is 35% more efficient that “Debut” and is replacing it. Additionally, it incorporates all the new features and provides outstanding performance across all browsers. It also ensures the maximum flexibility for your system as well as minimal complexity. It is available for download from the newly opened Shopify Theme Store.


It turns out that Shopify Online Store 2.0 offers an entire reorganization of the structure of the theme that makes using the Shopify store system much simpler for you as an Shopify merchant informatics commerce. Additionally, the new features available to developers such as ours provide a variety of opportunities for app and theme development.


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