Best Small Business Packaging Ideas 2022

Small Business Packaging Ideas

Business packaging is an important thing that small business owners cannot ignore. The type of goods you deliver will determine how customers view your brand and what you can expect to sell in the future. There are many reasons why packaging should be treated seriously and it doesn’t take a genius to know that proper marketing and quality products are vital for success as a business owner.

We’ve compiled our list of the best small business packaging ideas for 2022, with specific information on how they work, how they enhance your marketing efforts, and how they will help you make more money. This guide was written with the intent of helping small businesses understand the importance of packaging and creating a successful brand from day one.

Use cardboard boxes to liven up packaging:

Add excitement to your products with a pop of color and eye-catching designs. For example, a small business can package their product in an orange-colored box instead of the standard black box and make it more appealing to customers. Try bright colors like teal, lavender, yellow, or neon green that will draw attention to your products.
Prestige: If a customer is curious about your product they will want to examine the packaging closely before making their decision on whether or not they wish to purchase it. Consider using boxes with sliding lids so customers can easily open them without damaging the packaging and get a clear view of the product inside.

Customize your packaging:

Many products can be customized to include a certain design featuring your brand logo and font. You can buy blank boxes at specialty stores that are designed for this purpose. Use pieces of cardboard or foam for padding and to seal the boxes. Many customers will like having packaging made directly by you since it will be unique from others in your industry, have your logo on it, and show that you put time and thought into its design.
Advertising: If someone buys the product they like one day, they might be more inclined to purchase the same product again by using a prominent marketing technique such as using a container with their company logo on it.

Put vinyl stickers on your boxes to decorate them:

You can put a sticker on nearly any flat surface of your box for a fun and creative way to liven up the packaging. Stick them on the side, top, or middle of the box to make a creative design or add extra detail for an interesting style. Try mixing your company logo with a popular saying or catchphrase that you think customers would enjoy.
Aesthetics: A good-looking box will sell more products than one that is not so attractive. Use bright colors but don’t overdo it by putting too many bright colors together or it might be too overbearing and make the package look cheap.

Mailer boxes will make a lasting impression:

Mailer boxes can be used to send your product to customers by mail. First, select a box you like and then customize it so it looks the way you want it to. Customize the box by printing your logo or business name on the side, adding a design with vinyl stickers, or decorating it in any other way that is possible.
To save money, use mailer boxes from past shipments that have been left over after you have shipped them out. You can also buy boxes locally and customize them yourself to save even more money. If you plan to ship your products by mail, keep in mind that a paper or plastic box will not protect your product as well as a sturdy box designed specifically for shipping. Keep this in mind while customizing the boxes you purchase.

Use durable packaging:

A box should be as light and durable as possible. Make sure it is made out of cardboard that is made from sustainable materials and isn’t easily damaged by transportation, but is strong enough to hold the contents without being destroyed within minutes of receiving it.

Cuteness is in the bows & ribbons

Item packaging is cute and adorable, even when it is just a plain box. Decorative bows and ribbons are an excellent way to make your box more attractive. Both are easy to add to your box since you can customize the decorative bows with vinyl stickers or even sew them on yourself. Use clips or tape to keep them in place.

The best packaging for your business also includes a plastic sleeve that can help protect the product from getting damaged on the way to its destination. An added bonus is that plastic sleeves make it easier for customers to store the product after they have purchased it, rather than having to put products away in boxes that they might not be able to find later.

Importance of Packaging for Small Businesses

Small businesses do not have many resources available for marketing and advertising so when it comes to growing their business, the traditional marketing strategies like pushing advertisements on television or in newspapers simply aren’t enough. With a low price tag or no charge at all, packages are a very affordable option.

Packaging can be used as an advertisement to promote your brand and help gain recognition. Instead of placing adverts on billboards, setting up a stall at an event, or putting the company’s name in the newspaper, put some thought into the way you package your products before you start selling them.

One of the biggest things to consider when packaging your product is how you want people to react when they see it.

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