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Do you want to invest in a giant LED screen, but don’t know how or where to install it?  Clearly defining the location of your communication screen is an essential element to guarantee its visibility. 

You must then define the installation mode of the giant screen. We have also mentioned all the elements to take into account to define the location of its screen in a previous article. 

Once the location has been defined, you must be able to install the LED screen there.  Indoors and outdoors, several options are then possible depending on the context and the means available. 

While some are very common, there are also special fixing solutions that can be adapted to complex and/or fragile supports. It is all these solutions that we will discuss in this article.


Installation on a mast is one of the most common options. This is the one we most associate with advertising screens. This solution is mainly used outdoors in urban areas. For this, the screen is mounted on one or two mats depending on the size of the screen. This structure can also be customizable for aesthetic reasons or to better blend into its environment. 

However, the location will have to meet a few criteria. First of all, it must comply with the regulations for outdoor advertising, in particular concerning its location about public thoroughfare. In addition, this location must allow at least the electrical connection of the screen and if possible a network connection for control.

Indoors, installations on a mast are rare. They can take place in certain circumstances, in particular, large spaces when other installation solutions are not feasible.


The second most common installation method is wall mounting, whether indoors or outdoors. It allows you to rely on an already existing element to install the giant SMD Screens

However, this implies that the wall where the screen will be fixed is strong enough and that it is possible to hang the fixing elements there. 

This installation will also have to allow the various electrical connections and if possible network. In addition, outside, it will also be necessary to ensure that you comply with the regulations on signage and advertising.

Finally, this type of installation involves frontal maintenance. The screen must therefore be suitable for maintenance from the front.


Suspended installations are less common but used in certain indoor circumstances. They are found in particular in large spaces such as exhibition centers or gymnasiums. These solutions are then fixed in height to the reinforcement of the building. 

This keeps the free space underneath. However, special attention should be paid to safety and maintenance possibilities. Similarly, as before, this installation must provide for the various connections.

The use of hanging fixtures is also widely used in events such as concerts. Rental screens are generally designed to be attached to stage structures.


In some situations, the previous fixing methods will not be possible. This is the case, for example, of walls that are too thin or too fragile, but also of large glass surfaces. Then there are other solutions.

It is then possible to make magnetic installations, especially on the wall. This avoids drilling and limits the weight on the wall. For showcases, it is also possible for certain types of screens to use adhesive fixing.  This is particularly the case with our X7-AIR screens because they are very thin and very light.

Finally, it is also possible to place the screen directly on the ground, on a stand or not. This is the case, for example, of totems or perimeter screens that can be seen on the towers of football stadiums. 


The solutions for installing giant screens are therefore multiple. From the simplest to the most complex. With the evolution of technologies, LED screens are becoming lighter and thinner. This facilitates and diversifies the installation methods. Nowadays, it is, therefore, possible to carry out all types of projects, even the most daring ones.  

Whether on a mast or a wall, the most important thing is the visibility of the screen so that the messages broadcast are impactful.

As a giant LED screen manufacturer, we offer several screens and installation solutions. We carry out tailor-made dynamic display projects for professionals.  Our experts can advise you on your installation. Do not hesitate to contact them.

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