Step by Step SEO Audit Process To Boost Your Google Ranking

You learned about many SEO tips, google algorithm updates and SEO terms in 2022. So many tips have been followed by many SEO experts but only a few of them really work. Let’s have a look at those workable step by step SEO Technical Audit processes to boost your Google ranking. 

  1. Mobile-First Indexing

You will be surprised to know that 55% of the traffic of all the world’s traffic comes from mobile and day by day increasing is happening in it. In the coming time, more than 75% of the traffic will be from mobile devices. Google announced long ago that now it will index the mobile version of the website before the desktop version.

You should start mobile optimization of your site from now on.

  1. Semantic Search

Semantic search is your present and future and it is very important how and what you do to your advantage. For a better future for your site, you have to understand it well. Google wants that it can understand the point of searchers well and can show them the right results. Sometimes the same word or keywords have different meanings. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for Google to know what the user is searching for.

What do you think of visitors and what do they want? If you start understanding this properly, then you will be able to handle SEO and search engines in a better way than before.

  1. Virtual Assistants & Voice Search

If you want to become an SEO expert then you should know in virtual assistants and voice search, that this is the final SEO concept. According to Google’s report, 55% of teens and 40% of adult people use voice search every day.

Google Voice Search Search is now more powerful than ever and understands simple questions easily. Google will continue to do voice search optimization and will try to make this new type of voice search even better in the coming times. In this way, you will need to do voice search optimization, how, why and how it is used.

  1. Machine Learning

Machine learning is a field of computer science. Seo is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence (AI) related to machine learning algorithms that allow computers to learn.

You all know that machine learning systems are an integral part of the search ranking algorithms of Google and other search engines. Google also announced in 2022 that RankBrain is the third most important ranking signal of Google Search.

  1. Featured Snippets

A few years ago, Google had added a Featured Snippets feature to its SERPs to provide “Rich Answers” to its users, which has become a trend. 

Google shows many types of featured snippets results. In fact, feature snippets are incredibly powerful because they cover position zero or even get better results than a website that runs the first position.

  1. Schema

You must have heard about or schema markup because the latest WordPress themes are schema ready. This is necessary to bring your site to the top rank in Google and its importance is going to increase in the coming time. often referred to as schema, is a class of tags (microdata) specific vocabulary that you can add to your site’s HTML code. So that the search rank can be improved in the SERPs of your pages. 

  1. Content

You must have also heard that content is very important, content is the key to getting top rank on Google. This is absolutely true and day by day content is becoming more important.

There was a time when there used to be very few websites on the Internet and Google did not have the answer to every question of the people. But today millions of websites and blogs are available on the internet and Google has millions of answers to 1 question. 

  1. Linking

High-quality content and links will be the topmost influential SEO factors in search visibility in 2022. After writing your quality, fresh content, links are needed to bring it to the top rank in Google. 

Internet links connect to your content and give Google an idea of ​​your content’s structure data. The more backlinks on the page on your post, the better will be its search rank. 

  1. Speed

You have a few seconds to appear to the user, if your site is not loaded in that time then the user will visit some other site.

You do not need any special knowledge or course to speed up websites and blogs, you can speed up your site without coding knowledge. If you are a WordPress user, then you can speed up the site using W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache plugin. 

According to Google, website loading speed time will be the search ranking factor in the coming time. Website speed has proved to be helpful in getting top rank in Google in 2022.

  1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on “how well search engine spiders are crawling and indexing your site and content”.Technically, it is related to all other activities except content optimization and link building


An SEO audit can help you in developing a sound plan at the outset of a new project or site launch, and it is a critical component of long-term success.


You may resolve difficulties that hinder your site from reaching its full potential by identifying them as soon as feasible.


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