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Round Glasses

The trends in the fashion space keep evolving. Whether it is about clothing or accessories, to keep your style game on point, you will need to stay updated with the trends. 

One of the most intimate fashion accessories are glasses that must find a place in everyone’s wardrobes. Glasses are like an icing to the cake giving your look the much needed enhancement. However, it is important that you style them the right way.

There are multiple styles of glasses and each have their own unique characteristics. While there is not much difference when it comes to styling different styles, there are certain things that do vary. Here we will talk about the retro round glasses.

Round glasses are a timeless style that has been there since the time glasses originated. Due to their amazing variety, there has hardly been a time when they have not found a place in the trending charts. 

To style your round glasses in the best possible manner, there are few things that you need to consider. So here is a guide to style your round glasses. Read on!

Face Shapes Considerations

Although there are pairs of circle glasses for all face shapes, there are certain face shapes where round glasses are exceptional. 

For all those with angular face shapes such as square and rectangular, round glasses can give your sharp facial features a solid enhancement. If you have oblong face shapes, round glasses are a great option to style. Well, if your face shapes lie towards the roundish end, pairs like round glasses in browline style are what you should go with. 

Some Style Tips

  • Choosing your outfits

The classic round glasses are good to go with all types of outfits – thanks to their versatility. However, there are certain combinations that you can try based on the occasion for which you are dressing up. 

For something formal like the office, you can try out round glasses with sleek metal frames that display a solid professionalism, or even the tortoiseshell frames that take the vintage appeal a notch higher.

For a casual occasion like shopping or a weekend getaway to the countryside, you have the option of funky oversized round glasses by your side. If you are hitting the pub, the clear frame round glasses can do wonders. 

  • Complement your skin tone

By complementing your round glasses with your skin tone, you can gain some bonus style points. If your skin tone is light, round glasses in solid colours like black and grey can do wonders. For those with dark skin tones, bold colours are your way to go and you can even try out the clear frames for an added contrast.

  • Complement your hair and eye colour

Styling your glasses by taking your hair and eye colour into consideration can be very helpful. The best way to do so is to look for frames that are contrasting to your hair and eye colour as this will bring contrast to your look.

Most Stylish Round Glasses Frames

For that perfect style, the choice of frames becomes very important when you go to choose a pair of round glasses. You need to be aware of the trends before buying them. You can buy round glasses for men and women online for stylish pairs at pocket-friendly prices. Here, we have listed down the trending styles of frames that go exceptionally well with the retro round styles. 

Tortoiseshell Frames

For those who like to keep the vintage quotient high, nothing can get better than round glasses in tortoiseshell frames. The retro round glasses get an added vintage appeal when the tortoiseshell patterns are embedded onto their frames. 

The polished charm of tortoiseshell patterns bring about contrast and also maintain a balance to give you an elegant look with a nostalgic touch. Among the multiple options for patterns, you will certainly find one that matches your definition of style. 

Oversized Frames

Funky fashion is at its peak and this is what makes oversized frames an incredible option for your round glasses. The oversized frames bring back the nostalgic vibes of the 60s and help you keep things super stylish. You can find them all over the streets these days.

Metal frames can be opted for if you want to keep things a little formal and not excessively funky. But if you are in for some serious fun with your oversized glasses, you can extract this requirement from the chunky acetate frames. 

Clear Frames

If you are looking for a pair of glasses for your contemporary needs, you don’t need to look beyond clear frames as they are one of the hottest trends these days.

Clear frames are brilliant for all face shapes as their glass-like structure doesn’t cause any hindrance to facial features and instead highlight them to perfection. While picking from a huge variety of clear frames for round glasses, you can stick to crystal clear transparent ones or also bring in an element of fun and boldness with clear frames in light pastel shades like yellow, blue, and pink.

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Rimless Frames

Rimless glasses are one of the most sophisticated options to display a style that is minimal and elegant. The focus in rimless pairs is all on the clear lenses and the sleek temple. Their frameless structure causes no hindrance to your facial features, making them a great style to accentuate face shapes.

Metal Frames

The timeless metal frames have been trending for a long time now, and when combined with round glasses, they enter a different zone altogether. Metal frames are only going to be a bigger trend in the days to come. Whether you go for the thin-wired metal frames or the normal ones, the pleasing aesthetics are bound to make heads turn.

When it comes to the colours that go well with metal frames, you can keep it simple yet elegant with the black or grey ones, stick to the luxurious option of golden frames, or try out something offbeat with beige frames. However, there are many more options here.

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