The Best Damascus Handmade Chef Knives of 2022

Damascus Handmade Chef Knife

The ancient traditions of Damascus blacksmiths, manufacturers of the legendary katanas, have been preserved to this day and glorified the magnificent kitchen knives all over the world. The editors, together with an expert, studied their 2022 model range and are ready to present the result of their work to the readers

Top 5 Damascus Handmade Chef Knives in 2022

The range of Damascus handmade chef knives is wide enough so that you can choose a model according to your hand and dramatically increase your professionalism. We draw your attention to the most interesting samples.

1. Santoku FUJI CUTLERY TJ-12

The knife is designed keeping in mind the essential tool needs of European chefs. Blades made of high-quality steel are sharp for a long time and do not corrode. The handle made of polyoxymethylene is not afraid of high temperatures and water. All knives are made in Damascus.

Damascus company holds high the brand of their products, which have become, in practice, the standard for knife makers all over the world.


  • Precisely balanced at the edge of the blade


  • The gap on the plastic handle

2. Tojiro Zen 13cm

The universal knife is used for preparatory operations: peeling vegetables, fruits, and root crops, cutting and chopping them. The blade with double-sided sharpening and a three-layer coating has a small length. The blade is made of VG-10 steel hardened to 61 HRC. Removable comfortable handle made of magnolia

The video is a vivid demonstration of how Tojiro’s proprietary sharpening makes it easier to cut food.


  • Quality blade, 
  • detachable handle


  • There is wobble when cutting

3. Samura Shadow 20.8 cm

The knife blade is made of AUS-8 steel with a single-layer Black Fuso silicone coating, which should prevent food from sticking to the blade when cutting. The blade does not bend, does not dull for a long time, and does not absorb odors. The ergonomic handle made of ABS plastic does not slip out of the palm when working.

Stylish black blades turn the most ordinary kitchen into a designer one.


  • Quality factory sharpening, 
  • good balance


  • Food sticks to the blade despite the special coating

4. Super Stone Barrier

A carving knife handcrafted in Seki, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. This is an organic combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies. The shape of the blade repeats the silhouette of the legendary katana swords. The 0.01mm thick stainless steel blades are protected against corrosion by six layers of stone coating. The metal opens only at the cutting edge, giving it exceptional sharpness. 

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The side surface of the blade is textured to prevent products from sticking to it. The traditional wooden handle is comfortable and easy to grip.


  • Products do not stick to the knife during operation, 
  • sharpening is maintained for a long time


  • Do not wash in the dishwasher or use alkaline detergents

5. Samura Harakiri 21.8 cm

A knife with a thin blade is designed for cutting and separating meat and fish from bones, cartilage, and skin. Stainless steel with a hardness of 58 HRC bends during operation, bending around inedible parts. The ergonomic handle made of ABS plastic does not slip out of the palm. The blade bends without breaking and effectively cleans food from inedible parts.

Although the tool has a frightening name, it is very useful in the household, although it can be dangerous for an inexperienced user because of its sharpness. 


  • Holds sharpening up to half


  • Too thin and flexible blade,
  • This property takes some getting used to

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