The Best Seasons and Islands to Visit in Hawaii in 2022

The 137-island chain of Hawaii is situated in an ideal location in the North Pacific Ocean. It is not necessary to have a passport from the United States to visit its tropical coasts, yet it is far enough away to feel like a true retreat. With its lovely beaches, distinct island culture, and near-perfect weather that remains warm and beautiful year-round, it’s hard to think Hawaii is a state at all.

Unfortunately, beauty comes at a cost, especially during peak season, when tourists flock to the island’s sands and resorts in search of a slice of paradise. Because of its popularity and proximity to the mainland, a trip to Hawaii is rarely inexpensive, especially for those coming in from the East Coast.

Only this is a reason, the best time to visit Hawaii is when the weather is pleasant and the price is reasonable. Every month offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it all comes down to what is most important to you: low prices, consistent sun, higher chances of seeing animals, or excellent surfing conditions.


Because Hawaii’s weather is very stable throughout the year, the state’s shoulder seasons and low seasons are the same. Hawaii’s first shoulder season begins with the coming of spring.

After the holiday excitement fades, snowbirds return to school and work, trade winds and rain subside, and everyday temperatures rise, causing seasonal fruits and flowers — plumeria plants and jacaranda trees — to bloom once more. 

Spring also signals the end of the whale-watching and surfing seasons in Hawaii. The enormous waves of winter begin to settle down, providing ideal conditions for beginning surfers to put their skills to the test, while luaus and spring festivals provide equally immersing (if land-bound) ways to spend time on the fun things to do in evansville indiana.


The rainy season in Hawaii ends in March. Pack a jacket because the days are mild and the nights are cool. The whale-watching season is nearing its end, and breaching humpbacks can still be seen off the coasts of Maui and Hawaii (also known as “the Big Island”). 

Despite the fact that March is still considered low season in Hawaii, prices soar around Spring Break. As a result of the influx of students and families taking advantage of their children’s time off, flight and hotel rates have increased to meet demand.

If you’re on a tight budget, stay away from early March. Ticket costs should drop significantly by the end of the month and continue to do so throughout April and May.


In April and May, when the dry season officially begins and daylight hours are more consistently warm and bright, Hawaii’s best spring weather can be found 

Despite these near-ideal conditions, April has significantly less visitors than summer or winter, making it one of the most peaceful and cost-effective months to visit any of the islands.

Easter weekend and Golden Week — the last week in April is Japan’s prime travel time — saw elevated flight and hotel costs, as they do with all holidays, though prices should level out by May.

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