The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools and Why You Should Use Them

Knowing what customers say about your company is critical to its success in today’s digital world. And if you want to know what people are saying and why they’re saying it, social media monitoring tools can help. 

With hundreds of apps out there and new ones popping up, choosing the right one isn’t easy. We’ve done the legwork for you. Here’s a list of our top picks for the best social media monitoring tools for 2022:


If you’re looking for a strong yet cost-effective way to monitor social media, Brand24 is a good option. Brand24 keeps tabs on the major social media networks, blogs, forums, and other websites to check on any mentions about your brand. 

Additionally, Brand24 tracks your remarks, allows you to respond to them and evaluates your social media presence and the emotion of your followers. The tool’s social listening features are good, but if you want more in-depth ROI and social analytics information, you’ll need a sophisticated tool. The tool is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, etc.


Mention is more than a social media monitoring tool; it also analyzes brand mentions across the web. You may respond to remarks in Mention by linking your social network profiles. The Pulse alert feature in the platform can help you stay on top of a rise in reader emotion or the fallout from a blunder by alerting you to recent mentions. 

Mention may be your solution if you want to monitor brand mentions, do basic real-time searches for rivals and public personalities, and receive daily notifications for brand mentions over the last 24 hours. The tool is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, etc.


NetBase Quid offers the highest level of capability regarding social media monitoring. NetBase Quid gives access to over 300 million social data sources written in 50 languages and spanning 51 months. This implies that NetBase Quid can send every tweet, so you know exactly how customers respond to important issues, regardless of your subject. The best part is that NetBaseQuid is equipped with powerful reporting and alerting features, so you can quickly and easily provide relevant information to your key decision-makers.


Hootsuite’s social media management software has a built-in monitoring solution that you can access through an intuitive dashboard. One of Hootsuite’s best features is its compatibility with more than 100 other applications. With the help of post-scheduling and collaborative team tools, campaign development becomes a much easier task. 

Hootsuite is well known for its scheduling and Streams feature, which provides a centralized stream of all brand mentions, remarks, and tags across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Google+, blogs, and forums, among other platforms. This makes it simple to browse discussions, respond to or like them, and allocate items to colleagues who are most suited to respond. 


Buzzlogix lets you keep tabs on what the public is saying about your products or services in real-time. Additionally, you can view what others are saying about your competition and manage all of your social media platforms with a single solution. You may also track material using keywords of your choice and obtain data through visually appealing graphs.

If a customer mentions you or a certain keyword, you may react straight from the dashboard, making it the ideal tool for controlling your relationship with the community. The tool is compatible with Google+, Youtube, Twitter, blogs, web forums, and news websites. Signing up for a free version is the best way to get started. 


The ability to monitor your brand online is imperative in this day and age. It ensures industry compliance, protects against fraudulent activity, and keeps an eye out for any mentions from customers or prospects, which is an important part of a successful digital strategy. 

We hope that the list above will be a good starting point for those looking for an effective way to monitor their brand’s social media presence, feedback, and more. Take the time to evaluate each tool, list your goals and objectives, and choose accordingly.

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