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Why Do You Need a Water Filtration System in Your Home?

Have you recently considered investing in a water filtration system for your home? There has recently been much discussion about whether Water Filtration Plant prices in Pakistan in most regions are safe to drink. You’ve probably heard government officials claim on the news that the water in your city is absolutely safe to drink.

Then there’s the latest Washington Post investigation that found chemicals and prescription drugs in drinking water in 24 locations across the United States! Who can you trust on this issue?

Here’s some information to help you decide if water filtration is necessary in your home

Without a doubt, the water from your tap contains contaminants that are harmful to your health. Tap water has been recycled, with the most prevalent sources being contaminated river water and septic waste! This reclaimed water is treated with strong chemicals to eradicate harmful germs. The water is subsequently filtered using “reverse osmosis” technology. One of the chemicals used in the treatment process is chlorine, which has been associated with a number of malignancies.

In most localities, fluoride is actually added to your drinking water by the municipal treatment plant! Fluoride, according to dentists, protects your teeth and your children’s teeth from decay, and cities have decided to add fluoride for many years because of this claim. On the other hand, the fluoride that is being added to the city water supply is almost definitely contaminated with arsenic and lead. Consider the following: In laboratory trials, toxic doses of fluoride were discovered to cause behavioral problems and, finally, brain damage in lab animals.

Alzheimer’s-like symptoms and attention deficit disorder-like behavior are among the indications of brain injury (ADD). Is this enough to persuade you to purchase a water filtration system? Fluoride has been related to uterine and bone cancer; in case you didn’t know. You don’t want these pollutants in your water, and a water filtration system would filter them out.

Your water filtration checklist should also include what’s coming into your tap water from the lead-lined water pipes beneath your municipality’s streets. Some of these pipes date back to the Victorian era and can be found in American cities! The degradation of old pipes causes a drop in water pressure after the water filtration process at the treatment plant, allowing debris, filth, and pathogens to enter the water. Through aging pipes like this, the lead will inevitably seep into the water supply.

Because of legislation implemented a few years ago prohibiting the use of lead in paint for houses and schools, you may be aware that even low amounts of lead poisoning can cause learning impairments, behavioral issues, and even a drop in overall IQ in children. Adults who have been exposed to lead have greater blood pressure. It can also cause issues with the electrical system of the body. If your city’s water pipes are ancient, you’ll need a good water filtering system at home.

Is it feasible to prevent these problems by simply buying and consuming bottled water? Definitely not. The regulations that control the manufacture of bottled water are no more stringent than those that govern the manufacture of tap water. Some bottled water is nothing more than tap water with a fancy label. If your home has a decent water filtering system, you can refill your plastic water bottles from the tap. It would be even better for the environment if you bought a few stainless-steel water bottles to carry around with you during the day. If you filter your own drinking water, you’ll know where it comes from.

It doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to put up a water filtration system right now, does it? You won’t have to worry about putting your family’s health at danger by drinking water that has traveled through old, damaged pipes. Medication, contaminants, and bacteria are all removed from your water by a good water filtering system. Your water filtration system may turn out to be the best investment you’ve ever made!

Water logic is an expert on water filtration systems. He publishes his findings on his website, If you’re concerned about the quality of your drinking or bathing water, right now discover more about the water filtration system that water logic personally recommends.

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