The Best Winter Activities in Burlington

Burlington is a city that offers a lot of winter activities for visitors to enjoy. From skiing to snowboarding and sledding, Burlington has a lot to offer in the winter months.

As the weather gets colder, people are looking for ways to stay active and get outside. There are plenty of indoor activities as well, such as shopping, visiting local museums and galleries, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee at one of Burlington’s many cafes.

Burlington has an abundance of winter activities that will make your visit more enjoyable, here are a few to try out!

Hit the Slopes

Burlington, Vermont is one of the most sought-after ski destinations in the Northeast. With a population of only 45,000 people, it is a small town with plenty of things to do.

The skiing season in Burlington begins in November and lasts until April or May. There are over 30 ski areas within a short drive from Burlington.

Burlington houses for sale are rare and highly sought after because of its proximity to skiing. This makes it a great place to live for those who love snow sports and want to be close to their favorite spots.

Ice Skating

During the winter, Burlington has many rinks that are used for ice skating. It is a popular place for people of all ages to come and enjoy this activity. There are also many events that take place at these rinks throughout the year such as hockey tournaments, figure skating competitions and more.

The Vermont Sports Center in Burlington also offers an array of activities including ice skating during the winter. It has multiple rinks which allow people to skate on natural ice or artificial snow depending on what they prefer.


There are many places to snowshoe in Burlington. One of the most popular places is the Mount Mansfield Summit.

The summit has a variety of trails that are easy to follow and each trail has a different experience for people. Some trails can be done in an hour while others take all day.

Snowshoeing is a great way to get out and enjoy nature while staying active and getting some exercise. And if you happen to be looking for something new to do this winter, this could be one option that would be perfect for you!

Relax at the Spa

Vermont is a popular destination for winter sports and outdoor activities, but it also has some of the best spas in the country.

You can enjoy a stress-relieving massage, rejuvenating facial, or even a soothing pedicure at any one of the luxurious spas in Burlington.

The spas offer an array of treatments that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated during the winter months.

Explore Church Street

Church Street in Burlington, VT is a major tourist destination during the summer but it becomes a winter wonderland with its snow-covered buildings and ice skating rinks. Church Street is lined with shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs that are open year-round.

The winter months are perfect for exploring the city of Burlington by foot or by car. Well known for its beautiful scenery during the winter, nighttime is when the city comes alive with a lot of people and activities you won’t want to miss.

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