These 8 Classified Techniques that can Boost your Hair Extension Boxes

Hair is one of the essential things that can change a person’s personality. And because of this, the demand for hair extensions is increasing daily. As the market grows, companies are making new ways of selling these extensions and boosting their sales.

The best way of selling this product is to have great hair extension boxes that can help you become more popular in the market. Thus, we at EZ Custom Boxes help thousands of companies sell their extensions with extreme care and at reasonable rates.

So, let’s find classified techniques to boost your hair extension sales.

Choose a Unique Design

Those times are gone when the boring packaging with solid colors was enough to sell a product and make your business grow. Successful brands focus on unique and creative ideas to make the boxes that define their goals. You should choose a design with decent colors that can easily grab the attention of the buyers. Moreover, you can add your company’s logo, relatable print content about the product, add your brand’s name, and sell a design suitable for your product.

Be Creative

Hair extension packaging should be creative, so the bury feels relatable to them and purchase it. For that, you can search for the target audience and know about their interests and common colors so that you can fulfill their demands. Adding innovative ideas to your packaging makes the product stand out in the market and adds a different taste to your product.

Lid Style Custom Hair Extension Boxes

One thing that the companies should know is that when they take care of the style of these boxes, they should also pay attention to the durability of custom hair extension boxes. And for this purpose, custom lid boxes are solid, sturdy, and durable, so they don’t need any extra fancy printing. They efficiently protect the product and keep your company’s good reputation in this industry, so you can easily grow and progress.

Box with Stylish Window

Another aspect to consider when choosing the packaging for hair extensions is the window through which the buyer can see the product. Many customers like to see and touch the texture of the hair before buying, and this attractive feature gives them a chance to look at it. These transparent boxes help the brand build positive word of mouth and benefit your business.

Information to Deliver

One of the most attractive hair extension packaging boxes is customized. Having a custom box means you can control all the features and have freedom of choice about the shape, size, style, design, and theme. Moreover,r you can add all the relevant information about your hair extensions on the box .this way, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of these boxes and make your business get on the road to success.


A vital feature of luxury hair extensions is lamination, a thin layer of silk or plastic to the packaging that provides a glossy surface to the box. These features also retain the printing, and you can have various options for this lamination according to your choices, such as gloss, matte, and spot UV. You can protect while enhancing the overall quality of your product.

Color Coordination

When choosing hair extension boxes, cardboard with minimal cost and various color shades is the best choice. But you should take care of the colors you are using on these boxes and make sure to use the relevant color of your brand’s logo. This way, you can reveal your hair extension uniquely.

Reduce the Risk of any Harm

This is one of the most important things that you should make these boxes with eco-friendly materials and thus reduce the risk of disposal of harmful materials. For this purpose, you can use kraft and cardboard paper that is biodegradable and recyclable. Moreover, these materials save a lot of money and are super elegant.

Thus, all the techniques mentioned above are the best if you want the perfect hair extension boxes. And you can rely on the excellent expertise of EZ Custom Boxes, who provide a comprehensive range of boxes. So, let us know your ideas, and we will transform them into reality.

By Hurara

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