Things That No One Will Tell You About Periods

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Do you know what a menstrual cup is? Do you know what period poverty is? Do you have any idea how many girls drop out of school due to their periods? The awareness regarding menstrual hygiene is so feeble that women don’t even have any idea about what is a period cup or how to order a menstrual cup.

While some women are busy figuring out ways to use a sanitary pad, others want to find out ways to use a menstrual cup with a long stem in India. The magnitude of confusion is unreal when it comes to menstruation. However, we can break some toxic gender stereotypes and shed some light on some of the most common period facts.

  • Orgasms can make cramps better

Your uterine contractions are your body’s favorite way of releasing happy hormones. During your periods when your uterine contracts during an orgasm, it can release powerful, pain-fighting neurotransmitters like oxytocin and endorphin that can ease your period cramps without any issues.

  • You can wear menstrual cups safely for hours longer than tampons

As compared to tampons, period cups last longer. They don’t slip or slide and the best part is you can wear a menstrual cup for about 8 hours without any irritation in your intimate area.

  • In the 1940s, Disney made a movie about menstruation

If you think that Disney is all rainbows and roses, then you are wrong. In the 1940s, Disney stepped into the real world with the “Story of Menstruation”. The magical movie was funded by Kotex and it was an explainer for tweens on what is supposed to hit their ovaries sooner or later.

  • Period money was collected on a box on the store counter

In the year 1921, the first disposable pads in the States were sold in an unidentified, plainly wrapped box to keep period product selling and purchasing on the down-low. Women used to pay for the first disposable pads by putting money on a box conspicuously placed on the store counter.

  • The story of the first tampon patent

Do you know that the first tampon patent was filed by a guy in 1931? The original tampon had a cardboard applicator and it was patented about a decade ago after disposable pads made their debut secretively in the general stores.

  • You smell different while you are on your period

Not the bad one. The good musk! Men’s testosterone levels rise when they whiff clothing worn by an ovulating woman, not a menstruating one. This means that men are more aroused by women who aren’t menstruating or by those who are ripe for baby-making.


How often do you hear men talking about periods? Period talks are uncomfortable for both men and women. Menstrual awareness is cloaked within the veils of societal taboos. Women don’t order a menstrual cup because they think period cups are unnecessary or inappropriate. Don’t be one of them. Order a menstrual cup with a long stem in India and make your periods easy on your body.

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