Three Ways Wine Benefits For Skin

Wine can help keep your heart healthy, but did you know it can also benefit your skin? From cleansers to face masks, here are three ways wine can enhance your daily skincare regimen.

Wine’s antioxidants — flavonoids, resveratrol and tannins — protect against free radicals and the signs of ageing by plumping up fine lines and wrinkles and lightening any hyperpigmentation that might exist.

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Antioxidants are natural molecules found in fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants that provide many health benefits. Wine contains the antioxidant resveratrol which has been shown to reduce heart disease risk factors by improving circulation, fighting inflammation, combatting allergies and supporting cellular health. Other beneficial wine antioxidants include quercetin, pytosterol proanthocyanidin and caffeic acid which also play a beneficial role.

Wine’s antioxidants can do wonders for the skin, particularly red wine’s high levels of resveratrol which has been proven to increase skin elasticity and is an excellent source of vitamin C.

Red wine boasts the highest concentration of antioxidants, with white having limited skin contact during production and thus not offering as many potential health benefits. As a healthy alternative, try drinking red wine in moderation while including supplements rich in resveratrol as part of your diet – too much alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration so remember to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly and snacking on whole dark fruit to maintain optimal hydration levels. Kindly visit Melbourne Bollywood film festival.


Wine is one of the UK’s favourite drinks and for good reason: its constituent tannins, flavonoids and resveratrol can do wonders for our skin. Anti-inflammatory properties of these tannins help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as lighten hyperpigmentation; furthermore they hydrate dry skin, stimulate cell regeneration and create better-looking complexions.

While it has become fashionable to use red wine on your face (with beauty bloggers gaining views for this hack), for optimal results it would be more effective to opt for products containing resveratrol like Caudalie’s Resveratrol Cellular Recovery Serum or Bite Beauty’s Antioxidant Lip Balm with Vinotherapy instead. You could also try mixing wine with a facial toner and applying it directly onto the skin as a cleanser.

Drinking wine should never take the place of proper skin care and sun protection measures; however, regular but moderate consumption has many health advantages – including improved heart and gut health. To maximize its benefits for yourself, opt for fruity and floral Sangiovese varieties like Rosso.


Red wine’s anti-ageing properties come from its combination of resveratrol and polyphenols, which reduce free radical damage while slowing the ageing process, helping restore collagen and elastic fibres for tighter, suppler skin. Red wine may help diminish fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin as well as lighten hyperpigmentation to give your complexion its beautiful radiance.

Alcohol dehydrates your body, leaving your skin looking dull. Water can help replenish hydration levels within the body, and can even help avoid pesky hangover headaches or dryness that might ensue from alcohol use.

Although wine may be enjoyed occasionally, its consumption should be strictly in moderation and sugar-laden drinks should be replaced by healthier choices like gin & tonic, green tea or herbal brews. If possible, look for skincare products containing resveratrol as these have been scientifically proven to enhance skin appearance while simultaneously supporting health.

Reduces acne

Wine has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help combat acne outbreaks, while L-tartaric acid stimulates new skin cell development and hydrates your complexion. Applying white wine with cotton pads soaked can reduce stubborn marks or blemishes on the face; oily skin types will find this particularly effective as it controls sebum secretion while simultaneously clearing dead cells away.

Wine’s effects on skin can help combat the signs of ageing by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its powerful antioxidants. Wine contains flavonoid, resveratrol, tannins which encourage collagen production while shielding from UV radiation damage as well as pollution damage.

Always consume or apply alcohol in moderation as too much alcohol can dehydrate the body. Instead, opt for skincare products containing resveratrol from Caudalie, Bite Beauty and Philosophy that come in lotions, serums and cleansers – these may provide better hydration options than alcohol alone.

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Final Verdict


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