Top 3 seaside hotspots for home hunters

Top 3 seaside hotspots for home hunters

Pakistan is known for its beautiful mountains, varied culture, traditions, and cuisines. Many magnificent beaches can be found in Pakistan; most of them are in Balochistan and Sindh. In the southern regions, there are a lot of stunning unknown beaches and seaside that serve as a natural asset and have the potential to bring tourism to Pakistan.

This blog outlines three beach locations in Pakistan for house buyers. Pakistan has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and several well-known seaports.

Best seaside in Pakistan

Many people dream about owning seaside property like in the canary islands. Some strive to get house for rent in Lahore, and some aim for house for rent in Islamabad.  Everyone wishes to feel the gentle wind of the sea, to gaze out over the horizon, and to gaze out over the ocean. If you don’t have access to beachfront property, you can always go to the beach and rent a hut.

Below mentioned are the three best seaside towns in Pakistan.

DHA City Karachi

The Defense Housing Authority (DHA), one of Karachi’s most sought-after housing projects, has established the benchmark for modern housing societies in Pakistan. DHA Karachi is an elegant and historic beachfront neighborhood that is rightfully regarded as one of the city’s most affluent areas, with some of the costliest real estates. DHA is also home to several foreign consulates and is considered one of the city’s safest neighborhoods. According to general indicators, the region’s safety and security conditions are superior to any other adjacent residential area.

DHA Karachi provides all required services to its residents, including high-speed internet and a reliable electricity, water, and gas supply. DHA’s developers are well-known in the real estate sector for delivering projects and development work on time in several major cities. The housing complex boasts cutting-edge infrastructure and a plethora of amenities and facilities.

Green spaces abound in the residential property, allowing homeowners to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. The residential society provides high levels of protection to its residents through 24-hour CCTV surveillance and monitoring and scheduled security patrols. DHA delivers one of the best houses for sale in Karachi.

The residential plots for sale here range from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal. This magnificent housing society, which spans 20,000 Kanal, offers an unrivaled and abundant living.

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Hawkes bay town

Hawke’s Bay Town is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, in Keamari Town. The Karachi Development Authority notified Hawke’s Bay Town in July of 1984. It is a low-income / middle-income housing scheme.

Hawke’s Bay Town is also being constructed as a neighborhood to accommodate the over 250,000 people who have been displaced due to the Lyari Expressway construction. The entire Hawke’s Bay Housing Scheme No.42, on the other hand, is not for resettling displaced residents due to the construction of the Lyari Expressway. The 71 districts that make up Hawke’s Bay Housing Scheme No.42 are called blocks or sectors. A few Sectors/Blocks (Sectors 6, 9, and 10) have been awarded to Lyari Expressway displaced individuals. In contrast, other sectors/blocks have been allotted to Pakistani residents by public voting, and a few sectors have been allocated to journalists and government personnel. 

There is also a beach called Hawkes bay beach near Hawkes bay town. It is located 20 kilometers southwest of Karachi. The beach is top-rated among visitors and rents a house or apartment for vacation. It provides one of the best houses for rent in Karachi.


Karachi is Pakistan’s largest metropolis, with the highest population density and the largest land area of any city in the country. Karachi residents live in a ‘picture-perfect environment,’ with mesmerizing sea views and beaches set against a hugely urbanized city.

Clifton houses foreign embassies, historical monuments, sites, and entertainment spots. It features Mesmerizing views of sunsets over the famous Clifton beach attract numerous tourists (both national and international).

Purchasing a home in Clifton allows you to live in an upscale neighborhood at not-so-elitist prices. There are several sorts of houses and flats for sale in this area. Apartments in Clifton are available for between PKR 50 lakh and PKR 10 crore. This area’s well-known choice of flats spans 200 square yards. This type of flat is available for sale between PKR 1.2 crore and PKR 5.8 crore. The rents of these units range between PKR 44000 and PKR 1.8 lakh.

You will never run out of options for properties for sale in Clifton. The residential area is mostly horizontally developed, which means that the house buildings are vast and roomy bungalows. Clifton has some of the most expensive properties in the city because of its ideal location near the Arabian Sea. There are various types of properties for sale in Clifton, ranging from 80 square yards to over 2,400 square yards. These houses have a price range of PKR 1.8 crore to PKR 36 crore.

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