Top Benefits Of Mobile App for School Management

Technology has change every aspect of our lives in many ways and the importance of technology in schools cannot be underestimate. However, in this day and age, mobile applications have emerge as a game-changing technology that is revolutionizing the way schools are run.
Today, smartphones and tablets with internet connections dominate our daily lives. These devices ensure that students, teachers and parents are constantly connecte to just one tap. This makes it easier for teachers to plan lessons and for students to acquire that knowledge. School management software mobile apps have also change the way educational institutions work on a daily basis. It has allow many manual tasks to be automate, and performe many complex and delicate tasks with ease and high efficiency.
In this article, we explore the top six benefits of a mobile apps for school management, which will explain how to run your school:

Online fee management

Fee management is one of the most important tasks that the school admin team regularly performs. For any school, many fees need to be collect such as tuition fees, hostel fees, transport fees, etc. Schools are also require to set up a fee structure for each student base on student grades, student categories, tabling scholarships. Or any other discount. Schools are require to send fee reminders to parents, as well as prepare fee receipts for all payments.
A few years ago, this fee was charge by hand for the school. However, the use of a mobile app has help automate the whole process. In this way, making the management team easier, eliminating mistakes and smoothing the whole process.
In addition, the mobile app is compatible with schools’ preferential payment gateways, allowing parents to view and pay fees online from anywhere.
With the help of a mobile app for school management, fee management for the entire school is smoother out, thus saving time and effort of the staff members.

Student Attendance Management

Marking the daily attendance of students in each class is one of the most important tasks for every school teacher. It is a worldly and time consuming process.
Using a mobile app for school management automatically simplifies the whole process. The app allows the integration of biometric and RFID devices so that attendance data can be collect automatically. The faculty can track and mark student attendance from the app and then use the data to create comprehensive annual attendance and late reports.
Another advantage of attending the school management app is that employees can request leave directly from their mobile and the admin team can accept or reject this leave request with a simple tap.
Using a mobile apps to manage school attendance eliminates paperwork, data redundancies around the world. Reduces the chances of incorrect data entry. It also keeps parents updated on the whereabouts of their wards via SMS, push notifications and automated emails.

Access to online courses

A mobile app for school helps students access online courses stored on cloud storage. Students can easily log in and access these courses with their secure ID regardless of their location. To make it easier for institutions to learn online, O CLASS soon launched an online learning management platform for schools, O CLASS Learn.
O CLASS can create customized courses with the Learning Institute and pass these courses on to students so that they can continue their education outside of classroom boundaries. Using the O CLASS mobile app, students can download content, stream recorded lectures, and even watch video-based courses in offline mode.

Homework and assignment management

Another benefit of the mobile app for school management is that it makes homework and assignments easier for teachers. Using the mobile app, teachers can assign assignments to an entire class or to a specific group by attaching digital content such as documents, videos, photos and puff references to the task. The app allows teachers to track deadlines, monitor the progress of shared assignments, and then instantly share results and feedback with students.
The homework and assignment management module in the school management app not only helps teachers save.  Time but also helps them manage the whole process without paper and in a sustainable way.

Real-time communication and event updates

The School Management app facilitates communication between students, teachers and parents. The built-in messaging platform in the School Management app helps teachers with instant messaging platforms. And allows them to connect with parents and students in real time. Students can also use this platform to ask questions of teachers or to dispel any doubts.

Bus tracking with GPS device integration

Bus tracking and GPS integration make it easy and hassle-free for parents and the school to track the school transport system. The mobile apps helps the school organize and streamline all transportation tasks. The administration team can manage transportation routes, monitor students, assign vehicles to students and staff. Provide GPS tracking of school buses so parents can be stress free.


With the application of mobile app technology, the way schools operate has changed for the better. The School Management Mobile App enables.The school administration team to perform their duties in an organized manner and overcome all issues and challenges. It gives them the strength to go to school in an efficient, hassle-free, and smooth way.

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