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There are many virtual worlds on the Internet, but what are the top metaverse projects? Here we take a look at some of them. NFT Worlds, Alien Worlds, MixMob, and more. Which of these projects will you invest in? Here are our recommendations. These virtual worlds have potential, but you should consider the community before you start investing. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of each of these projects.

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds are decentralized virtual spaces where people can invest in real estate. You can purchase virtual properties, develop social events, and hold auctions. In addition, you can rent your land out to make a passive income. The Metaverse has many uses for NFTs, from hosting events to creating online stores. The possibilities are endless. To learn more, read on! And remember to stay tuned for updates! We’ll be talking about the latest in the Metaverse.

The development of NFTs is not limited to games but has opened up new markets for digital assets. For example, a virtual art gallery created for the Gutter Cat Gang is a great place to buy and sell digital assets. Moreover, many companies have established virtual headquarters in the Metaverse. One such company is Sotheby’s, which opened a virtual replica of its London headquarters in the blockchain game Decentraland in 2021. You can attend live concerts, conferences, meetups, and much more in the virtual world.


MixMob is a Solana-powered Metaverse game that mixes play-to-earn elements with user-generated content. MixMob has recently received significant funding from some of the world’s top venture capital companies. Set in a world where a demonic AI has destroyed human civilization, the game requires players to perform various tasks to restore balance. In addition, it allows players to create their own mutable NFTs, which allows them to evolve.

MIXMOB is a unique play-to-earn metaverse ecosystem with two phases. Phase one is a card strategy battle game, while phase two is a full-fledged MMO battle royale. The game encourages players to be creative and expressive to survive in this futuristic world. MixMob allows players to make their NFT content by posing in colorful avatars.


The Illuvium project is a blockchain-powered, open-world fantasy battle game. It is a hybrid of augmented reality, virtual world, and multimedia. Players can “live” in a digital world, attend music events, or even travel between virtual worlds. In the meantime, they can play the game with the help of their ILV tokens. Here’s how Illuvium is built.

This Ethereum-based fantasy battle game is a popular gaming source for competitive and casual communities. The ILV token, which is used in the game to reward players for achievements, also participates in the governance of the Illuvium DAO. The Illuvium project has been dubbed a cross between open-world gaming and PVP fighting. Here’s why Illuvium is one of the top Metaverse projects:

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds in Metaverse is a free, play-to-earn MMO built on the WAX blockchain. Its core gameplay is to explore alien worlds and mine for resources to earn TLM, the game’s utility token. Once you have accumulated enough TLM, you can stake it for participation in metaverse governance. In addition to mining, Alien Worlds offers multiple passive earning opportunities: players can collect and sell TLM to other players and planets, complete quests, and vote in elections.

Players can purchase NFTs, a form of currency to build an Alien Worlds community. In return, they can give NFTs to the Butler Service and become part of the Metaverse. The Alien Worlds Metaverse is a digital image of the six-planet Alien Worlds game universe. The game’s Metaverse is a virtual universe created by combining game technology with the imaginations of gamers. Token purchases, missions, and other activities are stored on the blockchain and available to all. This creates a competitive environment that promotes strategic gameplay.


Many brands and developers are brainstorming new ways to collaborate with this innovative virtual reality network. With the help of Somnium’s WebXR technology, anyone can watch Metaverse. Brands are working to find ways to increase the value of their assets. This project can also help them develop games and convert them to NFTs. The top metaverse projects include NTVRK, Somnium Area, and Somnium.

Silks is another exciting P2E project with a decentralized design and an innovative connection to thoroughbred horse racing. The project is decentralized and has the potential to boost its value proposition through mining. While this list is not exhaustive, it does highlight some of the most promising projects in the Metaverse. We’ll be updating it regularly. This list is not an endorsement of any project.


Nakaverse is a blockchain-based gaming platform. Its first title launched in an exclusive community in October last year and went live in December, and has since gained a large following on social media and among gamers. This project combines the benefits of a blockchain-based gaming platform with the ease of accessibility and intelligent titles of games. It’s currently priced at $0.46. As of this writing, it’s one of the top Metaverse projects, with more than 50 million users.

This project was created in 2017, and it’s already the biggest metaverse token in terms of market cap. However, it’s been a rocky year for MANA. It has lost a significant portion of its value since its release in early 2022 but is still higher than other crypto assets. Another interesting metaverse project is Highstreet. It allows users to conduct virtual shopping. Some shops on this platform are already integrated with the gaming platform.

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