Top Winter Destinations in Scandinavia: Where to Go for Unforgettable Experiences

Winter Destinations

What you’re looking to do and see could determine where you’ll spend your time in Scandinavia. We break it down for you so you can choose the desirable location to spend your next vacation.


The northern parts of Sweden are referred to by the name Sweden Lapland (or Laponian Sweden). The region is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its natural landscapes and its cultural importance to the indigenous Sami people.

Here are a few options you have to consider if you go to Swedish Lapland:

  • Explore the stunning countryside smothered in snow
  • Try snowmobiling, dog sledging or even skiing
  • Stay at the first Ice HOTEL
  • Chase northern lights

In addition, you’ll discover something about this region’s Sami culture by visiting the local camp or farm. They will share the traditional ways of life they live.

Northern Norway

Norway is an incredible place to visit all year round however, the north of Norway is especially stunning in winter.

Visit the islands of Lofoten or Tromso in of the Arctic Circle, and you’ll witness for yourself. Their location in the “northern lights belt” makes them a preferred choice to hunt Aurora borealis.

Kirkenes is another must-see place If you’re looking to be a part of Northern Norway. The town’s remote location is close to and close to the Russian and Finnish border. The location is wilderness, which means you don’t have to travel far from town to be surrounded by nature’s splendour.

Enjoy a stay at the Snow Hotel or try excursions at Camp Tamok, where you will learn about local Sami traditions and observe wildlife.

Another benefit of Norway? It is possible to combine a tour of the southern cities such as Bergen and Oslo and an excursion to the Arctic Circle.

Are You Wondering Where to Go in Scandinavia for Winter? Consider One of the Numerous Scandinavian Tours That Explore It All… If so, Scandinavia tours provide an immersive experience of this region’s winter delights – Christmas markets in Copenhagen and Stockholm to the mesmerizing northern lights in Tromso or Tromso’s Arctic Circle can all be enjoyed during these tours of this northern paradise! 


In the winter and summer months, you can cruise and travel between Scandinavia’s major cities. The most popular way to do this is to travel from Stockholm through Copenhagen and then on to Oslo. You are able to select the speed at which you’d like to discover these beautiful cities in Scandinavia.

Why not include the capital cities of Estonia and Finland at the start of your journey to allow for further investigation in Northern Europe? So you can travel through your cruise along the Baltic Sea, ticking more destinations off your list of places to visit.


Although it is not technically part of Scandinavia, its neighbour Finland is an excellent holiday destination in both winter and summer. In winter it is a must to visit it is a must-see. Laponian region is worth a visit not just because of its gorgeous snowy landscape, but also for its incredible activities.

In this area, you can sleep in a glass igloo and watch the sky for northern lights. It is possible to spend the night in a snow-covered or ice-covered hotel.

For both adults and children, The main draw for visitors to the Rovaniemi zone is Santa Claus Village. Enjoy the spirit of Christmas by visiting his official residence close to Santa Claus’s home near the North Pole. You, or your young children, may even be able to visit him and ask him what you would like to wish him this Christmas.

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