Tracking Of YouTube Metrics for Better Marketing

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While having a social media platform for advertising and marketing purposes, you must reach out to your best-suited channel. There are advertising agencies in Dubai that are helping businesses to grow their identity and reputation in the digital world. You can also achieve your own goals through social media marketing UAE.

Talking about a YouTube channel, you can promote your business and understand the essential elements related to client interest with the help of YouTube metrics. A YouTube marketing strategy can help to track the functioning of an advertising campaign and keep you updated about the audience engagement and interest.

Watching time

It is an important metric to track because it will tell you about the total time your visitor keeps watching your video. As we all understand YouTube is all about video content delivery with the results associated with the visitor engagement, these metrics can help a lot in keeping the social media strategy updated. You can find out which video is attracting more visitors and you can group those videos in a separate playlist with different names or styles.

Average viewership percentage

The YouTube metrics gather the data for measuring the capability of the uploaded video to hold the audience for the maximum time. YouTube platform has the ability to identify your most engaging video and help to promote it to ensure maximum reaching out to people.

Watching the video again and again

If you find out which video on your YouTube channel is been watched repeatedly, you can find out the public interest and topics they want to see. In this metric, you can find out how many times the visitors see your single video or a part of your video. In social media marketing UAE, you need to create relevant content to keep the audiences attached.

Time duration of view

There is the YouTube metric that will enable you to find out the capacity of your video to engage and entertain viewers. In this data analytics, the total watching time of a YouTube user is divided by the number of videos played.

Metrics of engagement

The most important statistical analysis of YouTube is finding out the actual engaging public on your YouTube channel. It will be calculated by checking the total comments, likes, and shares of your videos. Advertising agencies in Dubai take the dislikes on your video as a helpful thing because you are getting the idea of which concept and topic are not worthy to publish.


There are many ways to keep your audiences arranged and segmented. This metric will tell you who is watching your videos more, depending on the age, gender, and demographics. Through this metric, you can find out who is your target audience for a particular post.

Sources of traffic

This is the most important metric in which you have the idea of how your visitors moved towards your YouTube channel and from where they are sourced to watch your videos. This can increase your ability to optimize the marketing and promotion strategy of your YouTube channel.


Social media marketing UAE is a great hub of business advertising platforms. There are different types of social media channels that can help you to grow your business and promote your identity. While taking into account YouTube marketing, the advertising agencies in Dubai are working to organize different metrics that are helpful to manage the YouTube video content and its promotion.

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