Trampoline plays for two

Trampoline plays for two

Trampoline plays for two

Trampolines are a lot of fun and a great source of exercise. However, trampolines can also cause serious injuries, so be extra careful when engaging in trampoline activities such as these super fun trampoline games.

Trampoline games for two – 8 games to try!

This two-player trampoline game is for two or more players. It’s one of the most classic trampoline games of the two. The goal of the game is very simple: the last one in the game wins. Before the game begins, each player must jump a few times to warm up.

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When it comes time to play

each player must jump on their back and jump on their feet. The problem is, you are only allowed one jump per player. Anyone who duplicates their move will be eliminated, and the other player will automatically win. Turtle and Rabbit – one of the most interesting and fun trampoline games for two.

The aim of this game is very simple

The turtle must catch the Rabbit. One player is a turtle, and he must lie down on all fours and sleep. He wanders around the trampoline, desperately trying to find the Rabbit. If you do not expect, the other player is a rabbit.

You can do one of two things: climb on all fours and try to escape the turtle by jumping around the trampoline, or you can do your part to get up and jump away from the turtle. As in the catch game, if the turtle can catch the Rabbit, the players change roles and play again.

Bomb: In this game, you test your strength! Everyone counts to 3, and then they bomb and jump as many times as possible, without hesitation, until they can! The player who jumps the most wins the game!

Worm: The worm lies on the ground and tries to hit other players. When a player is hit, they are eliminated. The last player wins the game and becomes a worm in the next game.

Another variation in this game is blindfolding the worm and playing the same task! Ninja – This Two Man Trampoline game is fun for everyone, but you have to be careful (as with all games)! The game aims to touch without touching the hands of others. The game begins with a handshake with everyone in the middle. Then everyone leaves. They spin and try to touch one hand.

The one who touches the hand puts it behind his back. If both hands touch, you come out. You can only take one step and one action when your turn comes by hiding or attacking your hand. After your turn, it should freeze in position. When someone attacks you, you can only move your arms, but not your body.


A player sits behind them with their legs crossed across the chest and arms around their legs. The other man jumps around on a trampoline to blow up the popcorn. Popcorn “pops” when the person cannot support the legs on the chest due to the bounce. So, reverse characters.


A player grabs a jump rope at its end and places the rest on a trampoline. The person holding the rope begins to move like a snake from the trampoline. The other player tries to escape the “snake”, but if he encounters it, he loses and must change places by grabbing the rope.


Test your trampoline skills with each other. Find out who can run the most circles around the trampoline, jump up, and touch their toes the most. You can also create movement patterns that someone else must follow: whoever makes a mistake first loses.

Bottom line

Two (or more) trampoline games are a fun way to spend time with friends and family. They are again absolutely useful for your fitness. Trampoline games for two are a lot of fun and enjoyable for family games for all ages, young and old alike.

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