Two Best Selling Wellness Products That Are Beneficial in Most Homes

breathing measurement device

Ensuring the health of our family members and that of our own is a priority for most people. To protect family and oneself against disease and illnesses, we turn to a wide range of wellness products ranging from vitamin supplements to wellness devices.

With increasing awareness of various health issues and contributing factors, investing in wellness products with known health benefits can result in money well spent. Read further for insightful information on two best-selling wellness products, breathing analysis devices and infant enema kits, and their potential benefits.

Enema Kits for Infants 

In homes with toddlers and infants, infant enema kits are wellness products that are likely to be of occasional yet urgent use. Enemas for infants are advised by a pediatrician when an infant or toddler is afflicted by acute constipation. Enemas for kids are best administered when recommended by your child’s pediatrician.

Your child’s pediatrician is very likely to administer your child’s first enema, giving you firsthand knowledge of how to administer an enema safely. However, to assist you further, listed below are relevant guidelines that will help.

  • Lubricating the enema tip is crucial to preventing significant discomfort for your child. Inserting the tip into the anus must not be rushed. It is best to soothe and comfort your child, allowing them to relax while gently pressing the enema tip into the anal opening. Once your child is relaxed, the enema tip can be easily inserted into the anus.
  • Enemas are generally not recommended for infants below 2 years of age. When administering an enema to an infant younger than two years, it must be in keeping with the recommendation of a qualified pediatrician.
  • Enemas are not for regular use and should be administered after consulting your child’s primary physician. Regular enemas can impede natural bowel movements in kids.
  • When symptoms such as vomiting and abdominal swelling present themselves, and your child cannot urinate or pass stools, despite administering an enema, consult your child’s primary physician immediately.

Breathing Analysis Devices 

Breathing exercises, or breathing measurement devices as they are also called, are another example of bestselling wellness products beneficial in most homes. With rising air pollution, and commonplace coughs, colds, and respiratory illnesses that can strike at any age, breathing devices help check respiratory health. A breathing measurement device is also likely to act as a breathing exerciser helping to regularize healthy breathing patterns and achieve optimized lung capacity.


Q: How much do breathing measurement devices cost? 

A: The cost of such devices can vary according to make and model.

Q: Are enemas for kids safe? 

A: When recommended by a physician and administered with care, enemas for children are safe and can effectively relieve constipation.

Q: Where do I buy enema kits for infants? 

A: Enema kits for infants can be purchased online or at a pharmacy nearby.

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