Various Measures to Protect Our Cell Phones from External Hazards and Damages

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Mobile phones have become an integral member of our regular life where our vital functions are carried out by smart android version phones in a single touch. In the modern era, from child to old everyone is addicted to mobile phones surfing net, playing games or watching movies, videos, serials so on. No need to mention, cell phones are close to our heart and we take special care of it. People obtain Tough Cell Phones from cheap to expensive ones and never hesitate to pay some extra bucks to prevent it from external attacks.

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Common Cares that Mobiles Need


  • Phones have become a necessity of our life from luxury item. We can solve our every cyber transaction from phone whether it may be money transfer, online shopping or booking an appointment. The method of manufacture and technology used has also changed wholly. The whole function runs on a single circuit and a micro chip. The sound quality, picture clarity, connectivity has also improved a lot. The thick set has turned into a sleekrunbof1 phones and accessoriesBut it is our wrong conception that being a thinner one, it is weak in withstanding external blows. But the way it is made, it becomes internally strong to absorb the unexpected shocks.


  • The most common and dangerous threat to cell phone or any other electronic device is water. It is accidental and unavoidable. We cannot control the nature.  A drench in rain water will destroy the internal circuits and result in malfunction of the phone.


  • Various measures are being taken to avoid this sudden mishap. Many companies have come up with waterproof phonesthat have coating on the display which prevents water to accumulate inside the circuit board or on the ports. Different kind of pouches and covers ranging from low price to designer ones are easily available on market which is popularly used as preventive measures. It avoids the direct contact of phone from water, dust or any other chemicals. Moreover the recent new techniques phones are provided with shock absorbing measures.

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  • Cell phones run on radio waves and frequencies and accumulation of any external threat as dust lowers its conductivity power and makes the phone out of order. As the phone is our basic need and it serves a medium of our style, mal function of it makes us restless and we in hurry give it to local technicians for repair. But that’s the greatest mistake we do with our phone.


  • The phone use latest techniques these days which novice unskilled technicians are not aware. They apply the outdated techniques, duplicate parts for repair which damages our phone. We should choose registered service centers that have offer runbo q5 for sale and technicians for fast service. We must buy phones which have high storage capacity, core processor, and latest version. The personal care is the most needed for the proper operation of this electronic gadget.


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