Warehouse Management: What is Picking Process in Warehouse?

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In a warehouse, picking is an important activity, and it ensures that high-demand items are retrieved quickly. As per statistics, it is proven that twenty percent of its revenue is generated from twenty percent of its products. Hence, it is essential to store these items in an easy-to-access location. Order picking is the most critical activity that requires attention in warehouse management. The picking process is one of the essential activities of the warehouse, and it determines the success of the business. To get the complete data about “Dark Warehouse” from a general perspective, visit the site “Warehousity.”

There are various processes used in warehouse picking. The warehouse manager must keep track of several indicators, including inventory turnover, time to ship, total units stored, and average capacity utilization. In addition, they should also keep track of picking accuracy. Aside from training employees, facilities managers should arrange the warehouse layout so that it minimizes walking times, which helps enhance warehouse picking efficiency.

Picking Process in Warehouse

The order picking process is the most critical part of warehouse management. The selector must move from the shelf to choose the right products. The picking process is often labor-intensive, so warehouse staff must be appropriately trained. However, various technologies have been developed to make the picking process more accurate and efficient. A more efficient picking process improves customer satisfaction and business profitability. For this purpose, warehouse managers should consider using various techniques to optimize the order picking process.

Zone picking is a method that places goods in a particular zone, depending on their turnover rate. A worker picking parts will be assigned to specific zones to minimize travel time. In contrast, piece picking is another process that reduces travel time. Wave picking combines the features of zone and piece picking. A worker can collect all the necessary items in one sweep with wave picking. This method, however, is more complicated than batch and zone picking.

There are several strategies for picking products in a warehouse. For instance, zone picking is the most common and easiest to understand. A selector will choose an item from a specific zone and then pass it on to another. In this method, the worker will pick a product from different zones and complete the order of multiple customers. A combination of these items is then sorted, packed, and delivered to the customer.

Picking Process in Warehouse

Wave picking is an automated warehouse picking process. It is a variant of zone picking and batch picking and is best for warehouses that contain a high volume of SKUs. It is based on schedule and considers labor costs, delivery times, carrier pick-ups, and shipping dates. The wave is scheduled throughout the day, allowing a person to pick a product at any time. This method can be used with all three types of gathering.

A good picking strategy can improve the performance of your warehouse. If you have a high volume of orders, you can use zone picking to manage them efficiently. If you have a low volume, you can use discrete order pick. For high-volume orders, you can choose piece picking. You can use a zone picking method that requires a single person to pick all of the items for single-item orders.

The process of picking can involve several stages. It consists of the layout of the warehouse. The workers must have the proper tools and equipment to perform their job. An optimized picking route is essential for a warehouse’s productivity. The best systems are designed to help employees work efficiently. When grouped in zones, they can easily pick and store different items in the same area. The process is an integral part of warehouse management and can lead to better profits.

There are several methods of picking. In small warehouses, single-step picking is preferred. For more giant warehouses, two-step batch picking is more economical. It reduces the average processing time of a warehouse. Modern automation technologies such as mobile data collection and vision recognition systems can help improve the efficiency of a picking process. In this way, it can enhance the profitability of a company’s business. It also improves space utilization.

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