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RO Plants

RO plantsĀ 

Water logic specializes in the design and manufacture of intelligent and efficient RO Plant Price in Pakistan for the purification of tap water, salt water and seawater. Our reverse osmosis plant uses the most advanced reverse osmosis water purification technology, making reverse osmosis plants highly efficient and with very low running costs.

We offer prefabricated and custom reverse osmosis plants for commercial and industrial applications from 250 to 50 000 LPH (liters per hour). These reverse osmosis systems produce high quality water at very low cost and are all designed with the most advanced technology for precise and custom reverse osmosis solutions.

Reverse osmosis systems have been used for decades in large-scale water treatment processes. Reverse osmosis membranes are used as a component/solution in industrial and commercial processes such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, paint, textiles, chemicals or other utilities, schools, universities, factories, offices, restaurants, resorts and other facilities used for clean water consumption, and virtually any industry where reverse osmosis is essential.

Industrial reverse osmosis concept

Industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems are designed to remove up to 99.9% of salts and contaminants. Raw water includes groundwater, salt water, seawater and municipal water. It eliminates sediment, bacteria, particles, sugars, proteins, pigments and contaminants with molecular weights of 150-250 Daltons or more.

Water logic offers a wide range of custom and prefabricated industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems from 250LPH to 100,000LPH, depending on the industrial application and water usage. High efficiency, high performance, cost and energy saving, our systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of industry and applications, producing high quality water at very competitive prices.

Reverse Osmosis Unit Price in Pakistan

The dissolved solids that lead to salt formation are collected. Removal of these impurities improves boiler performance and increases the ability to operate at full capacity.

Why is an RO system needed for pretreatment of boiler feed water?

Using a reverse osmosis system to pre-treat boiler feed water can reduce fuel costs by reducing heat loss and extending boiler cycles. Reduction of total dissolved solids (TDS) in RO feedwater results in longer boiler cycles. The heat transfer surface of the boiler is cleaned, which significantly improves economics.

RO water improves steam efficiency and purity. The quality of steam is improved thanks to the high-quality feed water supplied to the boiler. Control valves, pumps and compressors in direct contact with the steam are less damaged.

Many boiler failures are caused by corrosion of the return lines of the control system; corrosion can be easily controlled by maintaining the correct hydrogen ion concentration and pH scale level in the RO water.

What is typically removed by a boiler feedwater treatment system?

Water treatment systems installed upstream of a boiler feedwater system can improve feedwater quality by removing dissolved and suspended solids and organic matter.

Calcium and magnesium: can lead to a build-up of salts in boiler feed water.

Silica: known cause of severe scaling. Silica levels should be kept low to avoid operational problems.

Iron and manganese: can damage downstream equipment and affect water quality.

Copper: can reduce boiler feedwater performance if trapped in the turbine.

Magnesium. Stays in the boiler and causes additional salt build-up.

Hardness: forms scale in boiler tubes.

Aluminium: Reacts with silica and promotes salt formation.

Dissolved gas: causes severe boiler corrosion due to the presence of gas and silica.

RO for food and beverage processing

The food and beverage industry uses large quantities of water to wash and purify its products and, as water is the largest raw material, clean water is an essential need for all biochemical industries.

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