Ways Parents & Teachers Can Teach Resilience to Students

Teach Resilience to Students

Childhood should be carefree, no tensions only joy but these days nothing such is happening, kids are stressed as adults and are getting physically as well as mentally bothered due to lots of pressure of hectic syllabus of today’s education on students. Children fight their issues in their own ways, issues like adapting to a new school, new classroom and new surroundings, sometimes bullied by some peers or any teachers abuses or some tensions related to exams and their poor preparation etc.

There are various issues apart from the above enumerated issues which not only bother students but create traumatic conditions for them which affect their studies badly. But the good thing is they can deal with such conditions with the help of resilience. Resilience is that boat which often brings back the suffering person from the typhoon of emotional breakdown. School managements are also focusing to incorporate such tools which can give them space and time to focus on teaching and learning of the students following which they are using school management software on a regular basis because school management software is helping school management to educate students well.

Today even those students who weren’t aware of terms like LMS full form have full details about it along with LMS full form. But all these facilities are regarding teaching and learning whereas students are suffering from many other mental issues where resilience works perfectly and good thing is it can be learnt. So, let’s understand the ways parents and teachers can teach resilience to their kids and students.

Parents and teachers need to make their kids understand the importance of getting connected and engaged with their peers with help of empathy and active listening skills. Teach your children about how to stay connected with peers and other people in society with the help of calls, video calls and chats. Connecting with people socially and with family helps a lot of adopt resilience and to overcome the situations one is unable to usually. Students often get so immersed in their studies that they forget social connection and by connecting with others one will be able to discuss his/her issues and overcome them easily. 

If kids are taught few things and attributes in their small age then they will be able to incorporate those attributes in their further life very well. Being inexperienced students usually feel helpless in particular situations but if they can help others then this will empower them mentally and they face any situation with inner strength. Encourage your child to help their peers and people surrounding him/her with age-appropriate tasks such as to help peers in their homework, helping an old person with heavy luggage or giving water and some food to beggar etc. 

Help your child to build and maintain a daily routine especially with students. It gives a lot of relief if a student follows a fixed routine. So, parents should make a fixed routine from dawn till dusk for the kid and ask him/her to just follow it, through which the kid will enjoy study as well as entertainment time and will be full of strength to practice resilience anytime.

A little stress works as motivation such as fear of exams make students study well but when this exceeds the limit then it harms the mental balance of the students and kids so parents must teach their kids to do something which they can control and take a break from their hectic learning schedules and do something peaceful which can relax the mind and that can be anything whichever they like, this process increases the capacity of resilience of students. Adding to this, parents must teach their kids to take care of themselves in order to create a good level of resilience such as to eat well, have physical activities and sleep well. Parents should make sure that their kids must have fun for the rest of the day. Taking care of oneself and having fun empowers kids to overcome stressful times. Parents must help the kids in setting some beneficial goals and make efforts to achieve them because this process will make them face the other challenges of life and help to build resilience to move forward.

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