We Introduce Only Safe Hold’em Sites.

Before introducing the safe hold’em site, let’s quickly give you information about hold’em.


It is the most representative game played with playing cards, and it is the most popular and large-scale poker event as a mind sport. In Korea, it was originally a game that only a small number of users enjoyed, but since the late 2010s (mainly from 2018); it has been introduced as a major event in several casino bars. It is a situation in which the influx of players is increasing a lot. Also, unless otherwise stated, we are talking mainly about Texas Hold’em.

Hold’em site

A site designed to use 온라인홀덤 mainly for information sharing or play. If you Google it, you will find a lot of information. Among them, major sites and minor sites are often divided. However, it is true that there is a lot of hold’em compared to other game sites because it is the most popular these days.

Learn about Texas Hold’em.

Hold’em is called the Cadillac of poker games and is a type of poker game played with playing cards. Today, it is the representative game of all poker games. Among the hold’em games, the world’s most popular hold’em is Texas Hold’em. In particular, Texas hold’em is easily misunderstood as gambling, but it is a kind of mind sport, and it is said that it will soon be adopted as an event in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

In foreign countries, hold’em is popular and widespread. In addition, the final of the poker tournament is held through the World Series of Poker (WSO), which is held once a year among TV programs and the event of the poker tournament becomes hold’em, and the winner gains fame and wealth. Some of the winners were beginners who encountered online hold’em.

Hold’em is a game in which the player with the highest hand wins by comparing the genealogy of cards like Seven Poker, which is well known in Korea, but 2 pocket cards and 5 community cards shared by everyone participating in the game Only the 5 cards with the highest genealogy among the 7 cards are compared to determine the winner.

Hold’em game, know the game order properly and increase your win rate

How are you spending the corona virus? There are times when you feel bored or bored after staying at home for a long time. Or, choose online games as a way to relieve stress.

Among them, interest in online hold’em games is increasing these days.

Even famous pro gamers are obsessed with this hold’em game. It is a poker game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages with an easy game method. Recently, the hold’em game WPL League is in progress in Korea. It is the first league in Korea to apply the poker tournament board rules   . Also, this time, the general public can participate, but I would like to inform you about the game sequence that can increase your win rate.

Sweet point game

Sweet point game has a slightly different system from other companies. In general, it is not a method of entering a code and signing up, but a system that directly registers at the store. As it is a company specialized in offline, the number of simultaneous users of 90% of adult PC rooms in the country is over 3000, and no other company in Korea can keep up. It is by far the largest company in the country. It has been operating for 12 years so far and complies with the deliberation game. There is no need to sign up for a separate Go site and Hold’em site, and it has the advantage of being able to play multiplayer matches, even Seven Poker.

The way to enter the Go game is from 200 to 10.000 rooms, and hold’em has the largest number of users from 500 to 10.000 rooms and is actively in progress.

Lulu game

While dozens of poker game companies appear and disappear every day, Lulu Game, which has maintained a steady track record, has a strong member base based on the provision of various games.

The large number of members shows that Lulu Game understands the needs of poker players and is constantly investing in maintaining the current level. Baduk is running hold’em hitgo, and an ambitious slot game is currently open. It boasts the lowest dealer fee of 3.5% among poker companies in Korea and has been maintaining it for 10 years.

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