What Motivates Customers to Use the Tuko Taxi App in the Post-Pandemic Era?

tuko taxi app

The fear and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus are felt by people all over the world. We understand that it is especially concerning for the Taxi drivers. 

However, the accountability begins with us. With the Coronavirus vaccination programs in full swing, there is a need for collective responsibility to ensure global safety. As a result of the economic downturn, countries around the world are gradually lifting lockdowns. People, on the other hand, are adjusting to the ‘new’ normal.

People prefer to take a private cab rather than public transportation in this unexpected situation. This critical need has prompted entrepreneurs all over the world to launch a taxi app with perfect safety features. With the advancement of technology, business owners can now easily establish their brands among their target audience. 

Tuko Taxi App is equipped with COVID19 Safety Features offering safety rides in London, Edinburgh and The United Kingdom.

 The revenue of the on-demand taxi booking app is on the rise with the increasing usage of the ride-hailing applications. 

So, what makes Tuko Super App popular?

The Safety Checklist

By prioritising the safety of drivers and passengers, you can avoid the consequences of disease transmission in the future. This strategy resulted in the development of the “Safety Checklist”.

The listicle includes the following items for drivers:

  • Putting on safety masks
  • Using a sanitizer to disinfect the car
  • Using the face mask to take a selfie.

Only drivers who abide by these terms are permitted to take rides. Integrating mask recognition software to verify drivers can significantly reduce the administrator’s workload.

The list of passengers includes:

  • Wearing a face mask
  • Using hand sanitizers to wash your hands
  • Reporting if the vehicle fails to meet safety standards

Limited Passenger Count

COVID19 is a contagious diseases that requires keeping maximum distance. Thus when travelling in a cab it makes sense to restrict the passengers. So, for example earlier there were 4 passengers to travel, which could be restricted to two or one. Depending on the Edinburgh traveling restrictions, thus helping citizens to keep safe and offering a hassle-free traveling. 

Ride Cancellation

Tuko Taxi Booking App offers a privilege to cancel the ride if either the driver or rider feels unsafe. If neither of them is adhering to the COVID19 Safety Protocols. They can also comment on the same when asked for the reason, ensuring that the Safety Rules are followed correctly.

Safety Ratings and Reviews

The app asks for the safety ratings and the feedback from the rider and driver both. Thus, helps in getting better and better, with the incoming suggestions.

In-app Chat/Call

The platform must ensure a smooth communication flow between customers and passengers. This prevents passengers from being stranded and drivers from cancelling rides due to customer unavailability.

In Conclusion

Tuko Taxi Booking App is a new kid on the Block that is quickly becoming popular for offering safe rides to the citizens of Edinburgh and the rest of the part of the United Kingdom.

Following the pandemic, the safety of the community has taken precedence.  Thus, it has encouraged Tuko to be different and offers COVDI19 safety rules features and more.

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