What is the best IAS coaching Institute in Delhi at a lower-fees?

Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

Every year thousands of aspirants try their luck to Crack Civil Services Exam – the toughest UPSC examination. But without good coaches and mentors it is difficult to clear, not impossible but difficult.  EDEN IAS is the Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi  among the all-IAS institutes in Delhi at a lower-fee.

Every beginner aspirant haunt for the best coaching, and Delhi is the hub so this haunting becomes little tough. With good guidance and clear knowledge, students learn fast and succeed in the age of tight competition easily. Let’s step forward to make your Dream True to be an IAS Officer……😊😊

If you are looking for a place where you can be “PRO” in lesser time, then for sure one stop solution for making your dream comes true is EDEN IAS, and you should must enroll in its UTTKASRH (IAS Foundation) Course.


UTTKARSH is a Pre cum Mains Programmed: | Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi


  • In this stage we cover those subjects which are having overlapping syllabus viz. Polity, Geography, History, Economy, Environment and Ecology and Art & Culture etc.
  • After completing the syllabus of one subject, we switch to other subject (….no need to worry, we conduct the classes in such a way that your whole syllabus will be covered in this one year of time only).


  • After completing the syllabus of Stage I, we move to Stage II. In this stage we cover those subjects which are basically mains oriented for example: Disaster Management, Internal Security, International Relations etc.
  • Details which we do in this stage are:


  • After second stage this stage begins. When UPSC releases the application for the Prelims examination, we start revision for Prelims. The course named MISSION PRELIMS (Kind of Crash Course), is quite famous for its high selection ratio in Prelim’s exam.
  • Mostly students from other coaching also join this crash course (or can say revision course).
  • This course for our students, who are part of our foundation course, is not chargeable.


After getting over this hurdle, this stage begins. After the commencement of Prelims Examination, we start with the focused revision for Main’s examination through MISSION MAINS program.


After you cross both the hurdles namely Prelims and Mains, you are going to approach Interview. For this stage we are here to guide you, by the help of Interview Guidance Program under the team of experts. Here Comes the time to write for us about solutions.

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But the list not ends here only we also provide some personalized guidance too viz.

Report – Analysis- Feedback (RAF) –

A progress graph of every aspirant of, our foundation batch is prepared. The criteria we take for preparing this graph is –

  • Attendance of daily homework classes,
  • Performance in tests and active participation in class,

This help in developing a proper Civil Services aspirant and seriousness towards the Examination and to the carrier.

Counselling Support – | Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

  • A proper niche for educational and psychological counselling support is provided.
  • It is a must as one is preparing for Asia’s one of the toughest examinations for which one need a good mental Health.

My Mentor’s Desk –

  • Here individual attention is given to every student in the class and after the classes every student gets a mentor under whom he can grow personally.

Why EDEN IAS IS SO FAMOUS? | Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi

  • EDEN IAS has been guiding students and producing good results in the field of UPSC since years and is a trusted name.
  • If you decide to put in your time & money in an institute then it’s better to invest in the best institute rather than going for any other less reliable sources.
  • We provide quality materials like, that of Economic survey, budget, daily- weekly – monthly – Yearly current affairs. Our Ethics Book (Theoretical Framework on Ethics, 70 Thinkers 70 Thoughts, Ethics Case Studies Workbook, A to Z of Ethics (Glossary of Ethics Terminology), Ethics Snippet- For Last Minute Revision by Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary) is quite famous in the UPSC Aspirants.
  • We are very famous for Essay, Ethics, and other parts of GS, specifically, Internal security, social issues etc.


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