What Is the Difference Between OCA and OCP?


When Oracle launched the certification program, it only had one title and acronym. OracleCertifiedProfessional (OCP). A few years ago, the company divided the program into four different levels of certification, each with its own title and abbreviation. This article explains the differences between each level, what they mean and the requirements to obtain them.

OCA-Oracle Certified Assistant

Oracle Certified Associate is an entry-level certification. Oracle Education These certifications are for individuals who have just learned about Oracle or who have one to two years of field-testing experience. Candidates who have obtained this qualification without work experience are expected to acquire basic knowledge and be able to work adequately under supervision.

To obtain the OCA certification, candidates usually only need to take two exams, with no other requirements. OCA level certification exams usually cover a wide range of topics with few details. The purpose of the examination is to ensure that the candidate has a basic understanding of the work in the area under examination and how to apply it.

OCP-Oracle Certified Professional

The Oracle Certified Professional designation is the next level of candidates for the OCA certification. Oracle Education These certifications are for individuals who have 3-5 years of Oracle experience in the area under test and who can perform most activities without supervision. This certification is not intended for candidates who do not have work experience with Oracle. Candidates who demonstrate a deeper knowledge of the basics of the approved field and may be able to work without supervision.

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OCP certification is based on the Oracle Certified Associate level, and candidates must pass one or two exams that exceed OCA requirements. Some OCP certifications also require practical training. OCP level certification exams usually narrow the subject area somewhat and require a deeper knowledge of the answer. The purpose of the exam is to ensure that the candidate has a complete understanding of the topics tested and that they can be applied successfully.

OCE-Oracle Certified Expert

The appointment of an Oracle Certified Expert is a special case. In a sense, it’s the next level after the OCP level, but it’s completely outside the authentication hierarchy. The OCE exam targets specialized areas. It is designed to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in a very narrow subject area. These credits help define the candidate’s area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. This is not an OCA-OCP-OCM level step, but it does help make it easier to obtain an OCA or OCP certification.

OCE certification requires only one exam and does not require any prerequisites or practical training requirements. Professional certification exams cover very small areas very deeply. The test is designe to demonstrate that the candidate has extensive knowledge in this field.

Master’s degree accredited by OCM-Oracle

The Oracle Certify Home Certificate is the highest level of certification offer Oracle. Based on OCP certification, a candidate must be OCP, attend two advanced training courses, and pass a two-day performance-based practical exam. Oracle Education This certification is for candidates with more than 6 years of experience managing Oracle databases. Candidates who pass the OCM certification demonstrate their ability to manage databases at an enterprise level.

Due to the difficulty and cost of the exam and the cost of the required training, this certification is very rare for an individual. These certification holders are very popular with consulting firms and companies with significant facilities powered by Oracle.

Both Oracle certifications are worth adding to your resume. However, these certifications are not tracke employers alone (with the exception of OCM certifications). Work experience, education, and other factors play a role in drawing recruiters’ attention to Oracle’s work.

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