What is the Electrical Installation Condition Report?

Electrical Installation Condition Report

New electrical testing requirements for landlords mean that you must inspect your property once every five years. You will need to obtain certification in the form of a written report. Usually this is an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). Tenants do not have to submit a new security report every time they move out. However, the landlord must provide the new tenant with a copy of the current EICR at the start of the lease.

Improving the condition of rental housing

The electrical safety charity first welcome the new law and said it would help improve the condition of rental housing. Many good owners have already done the inspection, but others haven’t,” said Leslie Rudd, Senior CEO of Electrical Safety.

How much does an electrical safety certificate cost?

The cost of obtaining an EICR Certificates Cost depends on many factors, including the size of your home, the number of appliances you use, and the daily rate of an electrician.

What are the new rules?

These regulations include inspection and inspection of all assets in the private rental sector. There are three main things you need to know.

1. Check every 1.5 years

The hallmark of judgment is inspection. The owner must ensure that all Electrical Installation Condition Report on his property are inspect every five years by a qualify person (at least). You have a legal responsibility to provide for new, current and future tenants. You are also responsible for providing a copy of the inspection report if request by the local government. The time standards you need to work on are:

  • Current Tenant: Within 28 days of inspection/inspection
  • New resident: Before moving
  • Expect population: within 28 days of receiving the order
  • Municipality: within 7 days of receiving the application

The Electrical Installation Condition Report should be date for the next examination and test and a copy should be kept for the next inspector.

2. According to national standards

National electrical safety standards are set out in the Eighteenth Edition of the Wiring Regulations. You can find it on EICR and consult a qualify electrician.

3. Carry out preventive or exploratory work

Any corrections require for the EICR report must be complete within 28 days (or shorter, if specify) of the test report. Within 28 days of completing the work, the electrician must confirm in writing with the tenant and the local government that the work has been complete.

Which tenant is the requirement?

Existing tenants are require to comply with this law as of April 1, 2021, but all new tenants are already subject to this law as of July 1, 2020. This typically includes guarantee short-term rentals, professional licenses, and designate occupational housing (HMOs).

Exemptions include residents of public housing, guests, leases of 7 years or more, dormitories, hostels, asylums, nursing homes, and some medical facilities. All of these have their own requirements, but please read the different types of rental properties and make sure they meet them.

What should the owner do?

Aside from the above rules, you need to make sure that scans and tests are book and that the installation is secure. Find someone to take your test. They must be “qualify and qualify” and need to be test once every five years. Use the Electrical Installation Condition Report for guidance on how to find eligible people.

Prepare your belongings

Before testing, if possible, make sure you have a clear idea of ​​where all relevant fixtures are. These include fix electrical components (such as wires), outlets (or plug sockets), lights, user units (or fuse boxes), and permanently connect equipment such as showers and ventilators.

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