What Is The Secret To Playing SUPERSLOTS?

Super Slot

A few years ago, a slot game called superslot ทดลองเล่น appeared on my Facebook feed. Even though I’d never heard of it, it definitely caught my interest. The more I looked at the ad that popped up while browsing, the more intrigued I became. What drew me in was the offer to play with three friends and win $10 million! After reading a little bit about how SuperSlots worked, including all of its rules and how to spot winning combinations, I decided that it was worth trying out.

I was 23 years old and lived in Ottawa, Ontario. That’s where my friends Ray and Robert lived as well as my close friend. At the time, we were all working full time jobs that paid us a decent wage. It didn’t even cross our minds to try out superslot ทดลองเล่น because it seemed too good to be true. Surely there had to be catch? [b]Not everyone who wins $10 million in cash will take it without even trying.

This all changed when I watched an episode of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo.

At the end of that show they announced that, within 48 hours, they would be giving away a luxury condo in Miami with a potential top prize value of $10 million dollars. I was sickened to realize just how many people would throw away such an opportunity and actually miss out on the chance to claim such an incredible amount of money. They would turn down the opportunity to go on a tropical vacation in sunny Miami, drive home in a luxury sports car, or even buy a house outright. I knew right then and there that I couldn’t miss out on SuperSlots.

It took me several hours to convince my friends that it was worth taking part in our first ever lottery draw game. As I expected, they were all skeptical at first due to the sheer unlikelihood of us winning. Even though they agreed to take part, they all thought we were wasting our time.

As it turned out, I was right and they were wrong. We won the $10 million in cash!

What is SuperSlots?

SuperSlots is a lottery draw game available on Facebook. If you see an ad for it on your newsfeed, know that you’re looking at one of the most popular Facebook games of all time. superslot ทดลองเล่น currently boasts over a million Facebook fans and thousands of new players every month. People from all over the world are known to play, although they primarily come from North America and Europe.

After downloading the app onto our smartphones, we were ready to go. The app processes every draw every 5 minutes and you only need to deposit $10 with the offer of a chance to win up to $1 million. That’s it! You can always change your mind and withdraw if you don’t like the odds.

The game is extremely easy and there are no complicated rules. I used a computer to do all of my research, so I don’t know how it works in person, but that didn’t seem to be a problem at all thanks to the app.

My friends and I were all set to play and bring home the $10 million!

We decided to play SuperSlots on Friday night, (July 14th, 2016). The game started at 7:30pm EST. The minimum number of lines we needed to bet would be 11, so we could decide which number we wanted to bet on. We settled on numbers 1 through 10. Since this was our first time playing, our chances of winning seemed pretty slim. We chose the minimum amount of random numbers for a chance at the $1 million cash prize.

First, we clicked “Max Play” so that no matter how many numbers we got correct, we would win $10,000! After all, superslot ทดลองเล่น is designed to give every player a chance to win. We also used the feature called “Bump” that allows you to get additional draws if you get one or more numbers correctly.

The next step was to choose our game type. In SuperSlots.

You get to pick between a Pick ‘Em game and a Scratch Game. A Pick ‘Em game is exactly like it sounds. You choose your own number sequence between 1 through 49. You pick one number only and win if you get to that number or higher before you run out of numbers or time.

The way the Scratch Game works is kind of like a scratch ticket. You choose your card then scratch off two or three sections at a time until you uncover a winning combination. If you win, you keep drawing until you lose.

Once we made our choice, we had to wait until 7:30pm EST to see if we won. We waited and waited, knowing that the first thing we would do when we won would be call the police and file a report.

As time went by, we all grew more anxious. By 12:30am EST, we began to worry that nothing would happen.

Then it hit us! At exactly 12:33am EST, the superslot ทดลองเล่น app notified us that we won $10,000! At first none of us believed it. We thought our eyes were playing tricks on us or that we were hallucinating due to sleep deprivation and stress.

We kept refreshing the page and still winnings kept appearing. One by one, we called each other to make sure that we weren’t seeing things. Now that we had proof, our excitement was growing!

The next big question was what do we do with our winnings?

We were all so excited to tell our parents and friends the good news! We didn’t want to keep it a secret anymore.

The police were called, but there was no report filed because none of us really thought it would happen. We were just having fun and winning $10,000 was a nice bonus. The next day we went out to a bar to celebrate our good news. We bought rounds for everyone and gave the bartender an extra tip for giving such great service and for not laughing at us when we told her the crazy story of how we won $10,000 with superslot ทดลองเล่น

By Zain Liaquat

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