What should you know about epoxy based conductive silver adhesive?

The industrial adhesives are essentially used for bonding the various substrates through adhesion known as surface bonding, and cohesion known as internal strength. The industrial adhesives are designed for assisting in manufacturing of components as well as materials. The innovative as well as efficient industrial adhesives are especially formulated for withstanding the peel forces and severe impact and it provides robust strength plus gives excellent temperature as well as chemical resistance. The industrial adhesives include instant adhesives, hot melt adhesives, waterproof adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, and threadlockers for delivering convenience, optimal performance, and reliability regardless of the industrial application in which it is used.

There are several manufacturers in the market who are known to produce an extensive collection of high quality adhesives for varying requirements of the industries. Before you purchase any specific type of adhesive for your custom needs, it is important that you do your basic research and compare the adhesive products from different companies before proceeding ahead with the purchase. The customer feedback can also give a fair idea of what you can expect from any specific manufacturer and the quality of their products.

High quality adhesive products from Deep Material

The Deep Material Co. Ltd. is one of the innovative companies that specializes in the industrial adhesives which are meant for a wide range of applications. The adhesive products manufactured by https://www.deepmaterialcn.com/ are used in the semiconductor home appliance, electronic applications, surface protection materials for the chip packaging, and also testing. They are also used in circuit board-level adhesives, and adhesives for the electronic products. Based on the type of adhesives, the company has developed semiconductor fillers, protective films, and packaging materials for the semiconductor wafer processing and the chip packaging as well as testing.

The company produces a wide range of products including UV curing UV adhesive, Epoxy based chip underfill and COB encapsulation material, reactive hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive, circuit board protection potting and conformal coating adhesive, structural bonding adhesive, epoxy based conductive silver adhesive, semiconductor protective film, and functional protective film.


When it comes to the epoxy based conductive silver adhesive, it is a one component which is modified silicone or epoxy adhesive which is developed for flexible circuit board (FPC) industries, LED new light sources and integrated circuit packaging industries. After the curing process, the product contains high levels of heat conduction, electric conductivity, reliable high performance, and high temperature resistance. The product is suited to high-speed dispensing, no collapse, no deformation, no diffusion, and dispensing good type protection. The cured material is also resistant to heat, high temperature, and moisture.

It can also be used for chip packaging, crystal packaging, low temperature welding, LED solid crystal bonding, FPC shielding and also other purposes. Some of the prominent products under this category are DM-7110, DM-7130, and DM-7180.

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