What’s So Good About Wall Mounted Vanity Units?

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The bathroom furniture is available in different types. Among these types of wall mounted vanity units are among the trendy design that is getting popular in the UK. With time, the need for storage in the bathroom has increased many times. We spend more time in the bathroom and, therefore, want many more things at easy access as well. Without such storage furniture, we cannot imagine having an organized and good-looking bathroom. 

When it comes to choosing a vanity unit UK, we have multiple options available. Among this wall mounted vanity units are relatively new and a preferred choice in the luxury bathrooms. 

In this article, we are going to explain various benefits associated with floating-style bathrooms furniture. 

Wall Mounted Vanity Units – How It’s Different?

You may already be aware that there are various types of bathroom furniture available in the market. You choose between vanity units UK, cabinets, tallboys, etc. For the vanity units, you will either choose a freestanding or a wall-hung style. While the freestanding resembles the ordinary household furniture, the wall hung is a relatively new style that fits directly on the wall. 

So, the real difference is that these are floating-style storage units that fit on the wall contrary to the traditional style, the stands on the floor. Due to its design, these offer various benefits that we will discuss in the next section. 

What are the Advantages of Wall Mounted Vanity Units?

There are the following advantages of wall-mounted vanities. 

  • Minimalist Design 

According to the latest bathroom trends, 2022, the minimalist approach will remain a priority for bathroom design. While minimalism in bathroom fixtures is a need for the small bathroom, it has become popular for the medium and large spaces as well. The wall mounted vanity units are the minimalist design, where you have minimal impact on the bathroom space. So, if you want a trendy bathroom, then the minimalist approach is essential for it, and nothing can be a better option for storage than the floating style vanities.

  • Space Saving

With time, homeowners have realized the importance of better use of space for their bathrooms. It becomes even more important when you are already out of space due to the small bathroom. All you need is storage furniture that can save you space without compromising on functionality. The wall-hung vanities are the top choice for this purpose. These have a minimal projection in the bathroom and require no space on the floor. 

  • The illusion of More Space

When you have a small bathroom, then every effort should be made to make it look bigger as much as possible. It is only possible with the floating-style vanity units UK. Because these fit directly on the wall, the space underneath on the floor remains empty. That creates an illusion of spaciousness in the bathroom. It can be great for small as well ensuite and cloakrooms. 

  • Combine with Worktop Sink. 

Most of the floating-style vanity units come with optional worktop sink units. These are a perfect space-saving design where you can install a worktop sink over the bathroom furniture unit. It creates even more space saving because you will no longer need to install a separate sink. So, it’s a kind of better use of space. In addition to that, such combination units look much better than the standard vanities, helping you to create the types of looks you want. 

  • Fitting at Your Desired Position. 

The wall-mounted vanities are the type of storage units that you can fit at any height as per your requirements. So, what is comfortable according to your height more or less can be in accordance with your desire. Therefore, you don’t even need to bother about the height of the vanity unit UK, as you can easily adjust it as per your requirements. 

  • Contemporary and Luxurious Style. 

Another great thing about the wall mounted vanity units is that they are perfect for a luxurious style bathroom. Perhaps, these are more often seen in luxurious spaces than others in the past. However, anyone looking for luxurious looks can depend on such vanity. In addition, contemporary bathroom design is easier to achieve with floating style vanities. 

  • Concealed Plumbing. 

There is no doubt that the floating-style storage looks great because of its wall fittings. However, another aspect of this look that also contributes to it is neat looks. That simply means all of the pipework will remain hidden on the back of the wall, making it appear beautiful compared to other types of fixtures. 

Final Thoughts about Wall Mounted Vanity Units

The wall mounted vanity units offer various advantages over other types of storage furniture. These can be especially suitable if you want minimalist looks in the bathroom. Moreover, it is preferable for small bathrooms, ensuites and cloakrooms. In addition to that, if you want a contemporary bathroom, it can be your best option. You can check modern bathroom furniture at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK.

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