When is the best time to sell your house in 2022?


real-estate-agentsHave you decided to sell your house? Good thing, real estate agents is on the rise in Kleinberg. Prices have risen and demand has been strong since the lockdowns. But what is the best season to sell? Should we look for a buyer in January or is it better to wait until spring? Let’s take a look at the seasons, their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling a home.


Winter has traditionally been a quiet season for the real estate agents in Kleinberg, with few transactions. There are fewer buyers but also fewer sellers, so there is less competition. If you have a property that does not stand out much from the rest, this period can be good for you if you are well positioned on the price side.

The days are cold and not very bright. You will hardly be able to add value to your garden, but remember to keep it clean and tidy so that we can guess its potential. Highlight the cozy and warm side of your home by lighting a fireplace and preparing a homemade hot chocolate that will perfume the rooms during visits.


The days are getting longer, the flowers are growing, the gardens are becoming dapper again. Buyers are very numerous this season because many want to finalize their purchase before the summer to settle down before the start of the school year. But there are also more houses for sale during this period, so you will have to differentiate yourself. You run the risk of showing your house to a lot of people who will want to compare it with other goods. If your house stands out or is atypical, this is a good season for you because it is likely to find a taker.


The beginning of summer, end of June, beginning of July, is also a good period. The market is a little quieter but you will still find buyers. Some are on vacation and have more time to spend on house hunting and sightseeing. We are still quite a ways from the start of the school year, but it is getting closer, buyers will be quicker to make up their minds.

Nature is at its peak, your garden will show its full potential. In addition, the days are long and arranging evening tours is no problem. And if you have a swimming pool, showing your house on a very hot day may decide more than one!


Once past September, the month devoted to organizing the start of the new school year and activities for families, the real estate agents may experience a little upturn. People looking for a house this season are either very early and looking to make a little recognition to buy later in the year, or on the contrary they have a real immediate need (professional transfer, changes in their private life. and will be able to so decide quickly, especially with an offer which is scarce.

Spring is certainly the best time to sell, but you can sell your home at any time of the year if you find the right buyer!

Are you in a hurry, you don’t want your property to stay on the market for a long time? Bashir Ahmed buys your home any time of the year at the best market pricesDo not hesitate to consult us, we will make you an offer as soon as possible.

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