Where Can I Find The Best Free PowerPoint Templates?

What is a PowerPoint Presentation? It is actually the language of the corporate sector. You can find PowerPoint Presentations everywhere, from sending the weekly report to showing a product sample to shareholders. Even if MS PowerPoint comprises lots of built-in tools and a few templates, there are places where you can come across free template PPT. These templates or designs can be utilized for improving the overall influence of a PowerPoint Presentation.

The Best Places to Attain Free Template Images

  1. Freewebstock

Want to turn your imaginations into reality? Then Freewebstock is the most outstanding option to go for. It offers an extensive range of PPT templates that you can use for your business presentation. Freewebstock is the best platform that you can rely on to fulfills your creative requirements, offering the ideal shape to your imaginations.

  1. Presentation Go

Presentation Go is an excellent platform for Template Download for PPT. Here you can seek an extraordinary collection of single-slide PowerPoint Presentations. A lot of folks struggle to create even one slide PPTs. However, this website aids greatly in resolving that issue. You can find some enticing designs, although colours seem a little cartoonish at times, but you can alter them. They generally offer both light and dark themes for a similar template.

  1. Canva

Canva is a widely popular platform that we can use to create Instagram posts, banners, billboards, and many more. You can use the presentation section of Canva if you want to download PPT template for free. This platform provides its users with incredibly innovative designs and various presentation forms.

  1. 24 Slides

The 24 Slides website provides templates generally containing 5 to 10 slides. The graphics and colours seem very professional and appealing. There is a requirement to sign up for a free account to get your PPT template download.

  1. Slide Model

Slide Model site comprises stunningly designed templates relevant to nearly every subject. You will find about 30 pages on the website to get a free PPT template download.

There is a search function on the site, as well, that finds designs that are both paid and free. Therefore, it is tough to explore a free PPT design via search. It would be best to see through those 30 pages yourself and downloads as per your preference.

  1. Slidesgo

The designs that you find on the Slidesgo website are very easy to edit. You can easily move the objects and copy or delete them. This indicates that you can utilize as many as few of the designs you need.

Moreover, you can even alter the theme colours to suit your brand. In case you aren’t certain about how to change the colours, then here is a tip that you can follow.

If you deem that a component of the PPT template cannot be edited, it is good to check the Slide Master prior to giving up expectations. Check the “View” tab in the PowerPoint ribbon, select Slide Master. You’ll then be able to seek all the templates with no content, and you might edit the elements in the slide’s backdrop.

  1. Pixel Surplus

Pixel Surplus provides resources that include outstanding font packages. They even offer an abundance of exceptional free design resources ideal to make a nice PPT.  If you want to explore the PPT templates on their site, you just need to click on Freebies and scroll down to PPT templates. You can even select the best stylish fonts on Pixel Surplus website.

If you wish to download the templates, you must give your mail ID. Quite a few templates on their site are a limited version of a paid PPT template. For instance, you may acquire 20 slides out of a hundred.

  1. HiSlide

This is another great platform to download free PowerPoint Templates. Here you can find a variety of PPT and Keynote templates for free. However, there is a sign-up for a free account requirement to download anything. Furthermore, there are paid versions, too, if you wish to employ their content without giving acknowledgement to them.

You will find both paid and free PPT templates on the HiSlide site. The HiSlide website varies a little from other platforms that are on the list.

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