Where is The Largest Dairy Farm in The World?

When did human beings begin to grow crops is still unknown. However, the experts think that the first farmer existed many thousands of years before. Close to a mountain in Anatolia that is in Turkey, quite a few experts deem that human beings cultivated the first grains, an early form of wheat, to be more accurate.

For many years, agriculture has become among the major occupations of human beings. Agriculture enables humans to grow crops all through the year and other resources for making certain items used every day. This progress resulted in the concept of farming. Folks quickly understood that farms enabled them to foster soil in a systematized way or to raise cattle for food and resources. Let us go further and learn about the top dairy farms in the world as per the Dairy Farming News Ireland.

Top Largest Dairy Farms Worldwide As Per Dairy Farm News

  1. Mudanjiang City Mega Farm

This dairy farm in China was started in 2011 and is currently the largest dairy farm in the world, according to Dairy News 2022 by Farm Week. Severny Bur and Zhongding Dairy Farming own the farm. It has about 100000 cows and produces about 800 m litres of milk every year.

Even if the Chinese people are often intolerant of sugar, and lactose in milk, dairy products are much favoured by the folks because of shifts in supply and demand trends within the market.

  1. Modern Dairy

Modern Dairy is another dairy farming that is located in China. It was started in the year 2005 and currently has 40000 cows. Also, it covers nearly 11,000,000 acres of land and produces 600 tons of milk every day.

Modern Dairy didn’t earn much profit owing to a claim of selling cattle that are positive with bovine tuberculosis.

  1. Anna Creek Station

As per Dairy Industry News by Daily Farm Weeks, Anna Creek Station is 3rd on the list. It is a type of cattle farm situated in South Australia. It spans around 6,000,000 acres and has about 16500 cows. Williams Cattle Company owns this cattle farm. This farm in Australia is somewhat bigger than the area of Israel.

Anna Creek Station began with sheep, but they shifted to cows due to losses. On the list of cattle farming, Anna Creek Station is in the first place.

  1. Clifton Hills

Clifton Hills is another cattle farm in South Australia which is about 4200000 acres in size. There are about 14000 cows on the farm. G and E. A Brooks are the owners. Clifton Hills is among the first farms to utilize road vehicles as a mode to deliver livestock, as well as rail transport.

  1. Alexandria

Alexandria is another cattle farm on the list located in Northern Territory. It spans around 4, 000,000 acres and has a livestock population of 55000. The owner of this cattle farm is North Australian Pastoral Company.

This farm is in 5th place on the list of largest farms in the world, as per the Dairy Sector News. Also, it is managed by just 50 workers and mainly has herds of Belmont, Charbray, and Brahman cattle breeds.

  1. Davenport Downs

Davenport Downs in Queensland, Australia, covers an area of nearly 3700000 acres. It has livestock of about 29000. The owner of this cattle farm is Paraway Pastoral Company. It is the fourth largest cattle farm in Australia.

  1. Home Valley

Home Valley is at the 7th on the list, according to Dairy Farming News UK. It is located in Western Australia and spans about 3,500,000 acres of land. The owner of this cattle farm is Indigenous Land Corporation. Also, apart from this, this farm has been among the most popular holiday destination since 2006.

  1. Innamincka

Innamincka is another cattle farm in South Australia owned by S. Kidman & Company. The farm covers about 3,340,000 acres and has 13,000 cows. It has existed since 1872.

  1. Wave Hill

Wave Hill was established more than a century ago. It was started with just 1000 cows. It is situated in Northern Territory, Australia, and has a livestock population of 50000 at the moment. It is owned by Western grazing.

The largest dairy farm in the world is Mudanjiang City Mega Farm, located in Heilongjiang, China. This farm has been there since 2011 and has livestock of 1 00,000. Yearly, this dairy farm in China produces 800 m litres of milk. The farm’s progression started in the year 2015. Zhongding Dairy Farming and Severny Bur are the owners of the farm.

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