Which Hospital is Best for BMT in India?


Bone marrow BMT is one of the most crucial parts of the body, and it is responsible for haematopoiesis or the process of developing red and white blood cells and platelets. These blood products and stem cells produced by the bone marrow keeps the body healthy and alive.

Bone marrow transplant is required when an individual suffers from fatal cancers that affect the ability of the marrow to create more blood cells, such as lymphoma, multiple myeloma and leukaemia. This inability to make new cells is called aplastic anaemia.

Continue with the article to understand the term better and know the best BMT hospital in India.

Types Of BMT

  1. Allogeneic BMT-In this type of transplant, the stem cells are harvested from the family members with identical tissues. Once the stem cells match, the cells are harvested and then transplanted to the patient alongside chemotherapy and radiations. Sometimes, a person can be the donor despite the family if the cells match.
  2. Autologous BMT-In this type of transplant, the patient is the donor. Before exposure to high radiation and chemotherapy, the stem cells from the patient are taken out and stored. After exposure to high doses of chemotherapies, the stem cells are induced back via an IV.

When To Go For BMT? 

BMT’s might become necessary in various cancerous and non-cancerous diseases like cancerous acute myeloid leukaemia, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, multiple myeloma, lymphoma, non-cancerous aplastic anaemia, thalassemia, immune deficiencies or sickle cell anaemia.

Criteria To Choose The Best BMT Hospitals In India?

Team’s Expertise

An experienced and expert team of doctors specialising in bone marrow transplants is the primary factor to look for. From cancer to BMT procedure, the doctors must execute their roles proficiently.

Available Technology 

BMT involves using the latest technologies to execute the transplant. With advanced tools and methods, the success rate of the transplant also increases. Before the transplant, the hospital must offer the infrastructure to execute various chemotherapies using high radiation. The facility also must have the appropriate storage equipment to store extracted sickle cells.

Hygienic Methods 

The hospital must be hygienic and designed to keep patients’ safety and security at the forefront. The hospitals must be NABH and ISO accredited, check for the accreditation. The operation theatre for transplantation must be equipped with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA filter) to minimise affliction.

Bone marrow transplant is a highly sophisticated procedure saving lives. It is crucial to reach the best facility to get the desired results facilitating a healthy life.

The best BMT hospital in India places your interest before theirs and makes it easy for the patient to get treatment. Choose a hospital at the top of the list in terms of service, doctors and advanced surgical technology. Choosing a hospital that places the patient in safe hands and works to get the best treatment in the least amount of time is essential. A lifestyle change will also be required after the BMT and it is best to have good doctors available to inculcate that change.

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