Which is More Beneficial: SEO or Local SEO?

Many people get confused when spotting the difference between Traditional SEO & Local SEO. This is not a big deal, and the difference lies in the aims. We count on Traditional SEO to enhance visibility. But local SEO services aims to connect with the local people.

As far as it is to be decided, “Which is More Beneficial: SEO or Local SEO?”, we can’t conclude anything unless we go through with their meanings. So let’s get their meanings right:


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential for all businesses. Nowadays, companies can survive without having a brick-and-mortar store, but they can’t make it without an online presence.

Point to Note

To experience the results from SEO usually takes 6 months. If you intend for global outreach, then the desired timespan could increase. 

Get it Clear

Does “Online Presence” merely mean to be present on the internet no matter where you appear?


Search Engine Optimization aims to enhance your visibility on search engines. It continually endeavors to take your brand to the top.

SEO Approaches

  • To research keywords & target them effectively on your website.
  • To frame high-quality content & long-form content concerning the specific industries, products & services.
  • To optimize the speed of the site.
  • To keep the Code & Navigation updated.
  • To gain backlinks from ‘high-domain authority’ having websites.

Local SEO

This kind of SEO is a subtype of Traditional SEO. The efforts imposed on getting leveraged with local SEO aim to reach more and more local audiences.

Let’s Get It Clear!

For example, if you reside in Brampton and want to dine in a restaurant, what would your keywords be?

Is it the “Best Dine-In Restaurant in Canada”? Or “Best Dine-In Restaurant in Brampton”?

You will choose the latter as you would prefer to dine in your area as it is a hangout that is expected to last for a few hours. Local SEO tactics include enhancing visibility so that locals can connect easily.

Here are the quintessential benefits of using local SEO:

  • Firstly you get to experience “The Relevant Traffic”.
  • Running ads in the local area costs you significantly less.
  • A continuous boost in Sales
  • One can build an excellent local community
  • You see yourself bucking your pace up in the competitive world

Did you know? 

To enhance local searches, we can count on local google ads.

Local SEO Approaches

  • To optimize the profile on LLS like GMB (Google My Business)
  • To target local but relevant keywords on the website.
  • To create a website copy that is specific to the location
  • To endeavor to gain & manage reviews on the Local Review Sites.
  • To earn backlinks from high domain authority having websites.

Is It Possible To Derive Benefits From SEO & Local SEO?

Yes, local SEO can benefit from SEO and vice versa. For example, if you have done site speed optimization, would it be beneficial for SEO, Local SEO or both?

So in some cases, an effort can benefit both these aspects, but there are some situations when your efforts’ fruits remain restricted to one part only. For example, Keyword optimization will be merely beneficial for one sphere (Either SEO or Local SEO)

Which One Among The SEO & Local SEO Takes More Amount Of Time? 

Both SEO & Local SEO require a significant deal of time if the organic conversion rate is increased.

Final Comments!

Local SEO is said to be an integral part of SEO. If a business owner is willing to take his business to the peak step by step, then it’s quintessentially beneficial for him to start the business with the local SEO. When we count on local SEO, we can expect a high growth of the business within an economical range.

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