Why Aren’t You Getting More Likes on Instagram?

Instagram is a business marketplace that has become the reason for the success of different businesses and individuals used to growing their online presence better. At first, this platform was used for communication with beloved ones living far away and then as social news sharing apps. But as long it starts growing and able to capture a number of huge communities that belong to different parts of the world.

Then it changes the trend of using this platform, and people start using it to grow their online visibility. That’s why they are registering on that massive platform and used to buy Real Instagram Likes UK for their account from an authentic source they know well.

When it comes to increasing visibility and growing online presence, better than most businesses jump into it, it is due to that when the pandemic situation starts, most of the businesses start dealing online. One of the main reasons for promoting a business on Instagram is that it has a billion users that used to spend 3 to 4 average hours of the day. So it opens the door of opportunities for businesses to take this opportunity and start promoting. That’s why they use Instagram to target much of audience by using their strong marketing skills.

Why are People not getting many likes?

As you come to know, Instagram is a massive platform, and whoever uses this platform to target an audience meets with success. Because it has a number of audiences interested in different niches, you just have to identify the audience that has an interest in your niche. But most of the people did not get success; however, they are promoting their content on a massive platform. Some of the main reasons for not getting success or likes for your account are as follows:

·        No Consistency

Some people think that when they use to create their account on a massive platform, success comes to them on their own. It is due to that may be someone misguides them or they have a wrong mindset. Even if it is a massive platform, it also demands users’ efforts to get what they are looking for. As it is the one reason for not getting success, the main is having no consistency.

People some of them have the wrong mindset and others used to share one or two posts in a long time. And have no consistency in their work. When they used to share posts at the start of their journey and not get engagement, then leave it and do not pay much attention to it. That’s why they are unable to generate more likes for their posts.

·        Shadowban

One of the main reasons for not getting many likes is due to that your account is shadowban by Instagram. Instagram uses a shadowban account that does not work according to their rules and does not spend time on this platform. That’s they get shadowban by Instagram. But most people want to know that how they can find their account is shadowban? When you use to share posts and use a number of hashtags in your posts, your hashtags do not work according to their value.

Hashtags are used to make your post discoverable to those that are looking for that specific post on Instagram. But in any case, if your account gets shadowban, users are unable to find your post by using hashtags. In that case, fewer people engage with your posts, and you cannot generate more likes. To avoid this situation you must have to get rid of shadowban.

·        Not Using Instagram Stories

Most of the people did not pay attention to their IG stories as they are paying on IG feeds content. However, they are unable to get more likes for their account and did not meet success. It is due to that a research finds that over 200 million users use to watch Instagram stories daily. Yeah, you read it right that 200 million users watch stories, and it is a chance to attract them to your account. But most people neglect the importance of IG stories, and that’s why they face a loss on Instagram. However, they can simply share their posts on Instagram with stories, but they don’t do that.


Instagram is a massive platform that helps businesses make their online visibility and target many audiences for their business. Most of the businesses meet success by using this platform, and some do not get it because they are expecting wrong with it. So if you want to get success for your business, then use to buy real Instagram followers UK for your account and start promoting your content by using strong skills. Not only must that avoid points that are the reasons for not getting likes mentioned in the article.


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