Why you should choose HUAWEI nova 8?

HUAWEI nova 8

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Consumer tastes range significantly when it comes to selecting one of these phones. Some individuals like multi-camera setups with the most modern hardware, while others want the largest display available with supercharging speeds, and yet others want a good mid-ranger that can do it all.

Huawei, the legendary tech firm, is known for delivering across all smartphone categories, with the mid-range market, particularly the nova series, being one of their many “fortes.” Huawei recently unveiled the HUAWEI nova 8, their most amazing camera phone to date: The huawei nova8 is designed for everyday usage, with a 64MP AI quad-camera to discover everything around you, a 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge for quick battery recharges, a 90Hz curved OLED display for ultimate immersion, and a Super Device experience driven by EMUI 12 interesting features. Continue reading to see why we believe Huawei’s supernova, the HUAWEI nova 8, is the best 2021 mid-range smartphone available in Kuwait now, and the most beautiful of all mid-range phones this year!

Lightning-fast 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge

The 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge support eliminates the need to charge the smartphone regularly, which is especially useful during games and movies. It takes only 15 minutes to charge to 60% and 35 minutes to charge to 100%.

Super Device Experience and unique EMUI 12 features

The HUAWEI nova 8 can be connected to a PC via Multi-screen Collaboration to create a powerful Super Device. Users can open up to three windows on the PC once connected, and the PC can access mobile files while the smartphone acts as a thumb device for the PC, making the cross-device filing system easier than ever.

HUAWEI WATCH 3 | 3 Pro was released at the same time as the HUAWEI nova 8. Both devices have Super Device features that users can use: They can order meals or a taxi with their HUAWEI nova 8 as a starting point (compatible with selected apps only), and they will receive automatic status updates regarding their orders immediately from their HUAWEI WATCH 3 | 3 Pro, eliminating the need to constantly juggle the two devices.


The HUAWEI nova 8 runs on EMUI 12 and provides a smart & seamless experience. On the HUAWEI nova 8, customers may download a large choice of high-quality apps from the trustworthy, innovative, and secure AppGallery. meantime allows users to make high-quality video chats with Huawei device users while simultaneously sharing their screen in real-time and adding mark-ups.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a new semi smartphone that truly breaks down all of the barriers set by other smartphones on the market, the new HUAWEI nova 8 is the method to go, easily making it our top pick for 2021 mid-range mobile phone in Kuwait right now, and it’s a most stunning phone in the mid-range category in terms of looks!

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