Women Age Faster Than Men! Start Using Sunscreen Now!

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It has been noticed that women usually live longer than males. This appears to be fantastic news for women, but there is one catch. Women age more quickly than men. As bewildering as it sounds, it is true. 

Fret not; sun cream for women comes as a boon here. People typically apply sunscreen for special outdoor occasions such as going to the beach or a picnic. While a sunscreen effectively protects against sunburn and skin cancer, it also has an additional benefit: It aids in the reduction of visible signs of skin ageing. According to a new study, daily sunscreen use protects against photoaging, which is the wrinkling, spots, and loss of elasticity induced by UV radiation. They remain the primary and most significant line of defence against sun-induced accelerated ageing.

How Does Sunscreen Prevent Your Skin From Ageing? 

As one of the vital organs and a protective barrier, the skin should be cherished and cared for. It is the most obvious and exposed organ in the body, and it accurately represents human health and the ageing process. Both inherent and external factors influence this complex biological process of skin ageing. The skin comprises three layers:

  • The epidermis on the outside
  • The dermis in the middle
  • The subcutaneous layer on the inside

With increasing age, women produce less collagen and elastin, which plump the skin and cause it to lose elasticity. Daily application of sunscreens works wonders for your skin by shielding the exposed areas from harmful UV rays. Gel sunscreens are products that contain a combination of ingredients that protect the skin by absorbing, blocking, or scattering UV radiation.

1. UV Protection For Your Skin

People with sun-sensitive diseases like lupus and rosacea may be irritated by UV radiation. It can cause redness and burning in the skin in certain situations, aggravating the severity of the symptoms.

Broad-spectrum sunscreen protects the skin from UV radiation by absorbing, reflecting, or scattering sunlight. The sunscreen’s sun protection factor (SPF) shows the UVA/B ray protection level. For broad-spectrum complete UVA/B protection, try Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen MatteGEL Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++. It is a wonderful gel-based sunscreen to keep sun issues at bay. It aids in preventing premature ageing, pigmentation, discolouration, and redness of the skin. It prevents skin damage by neutralising free radicals and is infused with the natural benefits of Vanilla, Horse Chestnut, and Comfrey. This sunscreen’s matte-gel texture gives your face a stunning matte finish and doesn’t leave a white cast. 

2. Maintains Skin Tone Consistency

Excessive sun exposure can result in uneven skin tones, dark/ brown spots, and discolouration, but a gel sunscreen can take care of everything. 

You can safely avoid skin damage by incorporating sunscreen into your daily skincare routine. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Sports Super-Stay Sunscreen SPF 70 PA+++ is a non-toxic, preservative-free sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum UVA/ UVB ray protection. In addition, the sunscreen’s water and sweat-resistant nature make it an excellent choice for aquatic and outdoor sports, as it efficiently keeps excess oils at bay.

3. Reduces Skin Inflammation

The sun’s harmful rays damage the DNA of immune-protecting cells, causing inflammation and free radical damage to the skin and throughout the body. It can be more challenging for people who have sensitive skin or are prone to redness. Wearing sunscreen every day can help prevent sunburn from harmful rays.

4. Avoids Premature Ageing

Sun damage tops the chart when it comes to reasons for early ageing, especially in women. The UV rays significantly damage the pigment-producing cells and melanocytes, leading to hyperpigmentation and melanin overproduction. Thus wearing SPF is quintessential for long-run benefits. 

5. Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer  

The most important reason to use sunscreen is that it helps reduce the risk of skin cancer. The UV rays are the leading cause of many skin malignancies. You can mitigate the risk by using sunscreen with good SPF and natural ingredients every day.


Women must take proactive steps to look after their skin to maintain that forever youthful glow. Sun cream for women is a blessing in disguise, and one must incorporate it. 

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