Women’s Experiences with Self-Managed Misoprostol Abortion tablets in Dubai

Abortion tablets in Dubai

Abortion tablets in Dubai is only legal to save women’s lives. However, narcotic abortion pills, especially misoprostol, have become widely available in recent years. Through the large market of formal and informal drug dealers in Dubai. Little is known about the experience of women seeking misoprostol for abortion. Or the safety and efficacy of the drug in this case. Buy abortion pills in UAE is the most popular. And one of the largest abortion online markets in United Arab Emirates. This fact sheet presents new findings from a prospective study of 394 women age 18-49 who had self-induce abortions using misoprostol obtain from Abortion tablets in Dubai in 2018. To do so.

  • 83 percent of the women in this study confirm their pregnancy through a pregnancy test.
  • For 85% of women, a miscarriage is their first experience.
  • 57% of women do not know about oral contraceptives before visiting a pharmacist.
  • Five percent of the women in this study attempt to terminate their current pregnancy before visiting a drug dealer.

Information and services provided by pharmacists

Nearly a third of study participants relied solely on information provide by Abortion tablets in Dubai about how to take it. The majority of women report that medicine sellers attempt to assess. Their eligibility for an abortion by asking whether. They had their last menstrual period (79%) or had taken a pregnancy test (74%).

A quarter of women report not knowing what kind of medication to buy Abortion tablets in Dubai. Of the known drugs, 97% report receiving misoprostol and 3% taking misoprostol in combination with mifepristone. The majority of participants were not provide by the pharmacist with appropriate and accurate information. About how to administer the medication, how to take it. And what to expect from the procedure.

For example, only 25% of the participants were inform of the risk of developing post-abortion complications. 67% said they expect bleeding and 35% expect cramps. Less than a third of women said they need to use painkillers during the abortion process.

Postpartum problems due to self-report

The majority of women who participate in the study did not report any medication problems. However, 20% said the bleeding was severe or prolong. Indicating the need for medical help, and 4% experience symptoms suggestive of infection. Overall, 7% of participants report wanting or needing medical attention after taking medication, and 6% wanting treatment. Of the 24 women who sought medical care, one underwent a blood transfusion. And seven underwent surgery to complete a miscarriage. More than half had ultrasonography or given pain medication.

Safety of self-assessment of abortion 94%

A woman who receive the Abortion tablets in Dubai from a drug dealer was report to have had a complete abortion within a month without further medical intervention. 54% of women report knowing they were no longer pregnant. Due to their return to their period, 33% report. That the miscarriage was complete via a home pregnancy test. And 25% did not show signs of pregnancy. I am inform. 24 percent of women report visiting medical facilities to ensure that the abortion was complete.

Women’s thoughts about misoprostol use 85%

The woman report that she recommend Abortion tablets in Dubai to a friend who had an un-intender pregnancy. Nine percent of women report that if misoprostol was not available, they had attempt an abortion using unsafe methods. Seventy percent of the women in this study report using misoprostol if they had another un-integer pregnancy in the future. Among those who never use it again, 47% report that they would not terminate their next pregnancy.


The UAE government needs to work with drug smuggling associations at the national and local levels to improve the quality of medicine abortion services, bearing in mind the important role of vendors in the provision of Abortion tablets in Dubai. Drug sellers should regularly update their recommend guidelines for providing medical abortion.

Additionally, Buy abortion Pills in UAE are train to share important information. Such as what to expect in the abortion process, potential signs of problems. And where clients should seek medical care as need. Women who wish to purchase a medical abortion must also be provide. Written agents to certify the pharmacist’s provision of accurate information.

The data show that misoprostol obtain from Abortion tablets in Dubai may be effective in abortion, and its availability for retail sale to women who use harmful methods to abort an un-want pregnancy, suggests that it may provide an alternative. The Ministry of Health should consider this method. As a risk reduction policy to prevent serious illness and death from unsafe abortion procedures.

This study suggests that it is possible to investigate the experience of women who have use Abortion tablets in Dubai for abortion Even in cases where abortion is severely restrict. Similar studies show that women have extensive experience with obtaining misoprostol and other environments (eg, other regions and less urban areas) and other populations in Dubai (eg, young women and high-risk areas). require to understand the consequences of abortion in a group).

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