You Need One of These Top Six Throne Chairs

Six Throne Chairs

While most people emphasize good sleep because we invest more than a third of our lives in beds, chairs are one of the most sidelined items. On average, people spend 10 hours seated in the office, at home, or in recreation centers. Getting a comfortable chair is good for a sedentary lifestyle and makes daily activities be it watching, conversing, or browsing, less taxing. It is also healthy and reduces chronic back pains.  

But the main question still stands; What is the best chair for my home? A throne chair has been proven to be a nice multipurpose option. This iconic chair is the pride and joy of many modern homes and stands tall to be the centerpiece for attraction. This article has handpicked the top five throne chairs you should look at.  

Table of contents 

White throne chair

Renaissance throne chair

Swan throne chair

Royal bride and groom throne chair

Nail throne chair

Hooded throne chair

What is your pick?

  1. White throne chair 

Designed around innocence and purity, a white throne chair is a symbolic piece. It is built on a wooden frame and artistically hand-carved, detailing smooth lines running on the legs and arms.

A white throne chair is mostly used at weddings and birthdays or to host fancy meetings. Because of this, the chair is not only stunning with golden tones and a touch of luxury finishes but also comfortable. The tufted upholstery is soft and smooth to provide a relaxing experience during long seating hours. 

White natural leather chairs are rare, in their place is a leather lookalike, faux leather. Though not breathable, faux leather is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to wear and tear. It can withstand constant scratches from kids and friction when being transported. 

When looking into a throne chair renting business, try this chair too. As a universal color, many people fall in love with the chair. Get single-seaters, two-seaters, and kid’s chairs from online wholesalers affordably. 

  1. Renaissance throne chair 

Dubbed one of the most influential eras in the world, the renaissance geared a massive revolution in art and design. Some of its bi-products are renaissance throne chairs which are like no other in terms of intricate designs. While the true renaissance throne chairs are worth millions, modern industrialization produces cheap, high-quality, and sturdy chairs that mimic their ancestors. 

An Italian-style renaissance chair has carefully carved hardwood lion arms. Each arm is sculptured to take the shape of a lion’s head, detailing its manes, eyes, and teeth. 

The front and rare legs resemble a lion’s front and hind legs, respectively. Also added to the legs are wide and beautiful paw-like bases.

For the carves to resist wear and tear, the best lumbers are densely packed mahogany and mature oaks. Today, due to the rarity of mahogany, manufacturers are using molded aluminum. Legs will then wear golden hues after painting. Also, at this stage, custom orders are modified with fancy metals. 

The seat has a top rail with a crest or a crown. This is one of the defining elements of crown chairs, and carpenters will spend hours working on it. A crown starts with 3-D designs, followed by molding and later plating. Wooden crowns are simply carved out of the preferred lumber and varnished. 

  1. Swan throne chair 

Known for their beauty, agility, and gracefulness, swans are aggressive yet irresistible birds inspiring many people to immortalize them through furniture. Swans usually mate for life, and it is no coincidence that most wholesalers offer swan throne chairs as a pair.

Swan chairs don’t have a backrest; instead, an elegant sculpture of a swan’s head and wings locked in a love dance takes its place. Dazed with the creativity behind this chair? Well, another cool thing is the chairs complement each other. If you bring two swan chairs side by side, the bent swan necks form a heart. 

The seat has soft maroon or white velvet, with the frame taking golden colors. Despite taking time to assemble, a pair of swan throne chairs is between 600 and 1000 USD when bought from a wholesaler. 

  1. Royal bride and groom throne chair 

A royal bride and groom’s throne chair is a two-seater with an unlimited choice of colors and materials. Solid wood and faux leather are ideal. Faux leather leaves behind a smooth finish, and you can find it in different colors, from black to grey. To give it the contrast needed, frames may be painted in gold, rose-gold, or silver. 

The chair is usually large to accommodate more than one person. Thankfully, you can all share the backrest in spite of one side being lower than the other to give it a contoured shape. 

  1. Nail throne chair 

This is a pedicure set complete with a tap and mini-tub. Compared to the above-mentioned chairs, the nail throne chair’s backrest towers up to 70 inches high. Besides, it comes on a raised platform, has pillows, and may be flanked by velveted stools. 

If you are looking for something manageable, go for a French-style throne chair. It is characteristically shorter and with a padded backrest and an antique-like appearance. The lightweight frame is made from fiberglass, while the seating and armrest have high-quality foam and are covered with PU leather. 

Unluckily, using lightweight fiberglass is expensive, catapulting the price of the chair to over $1000 per piece. 

  1. Hooded throne chair 

Identified by a flamboyant canopy, the hooded throne chair evokes elegance at every angle. First, the cobra-like hood gives the chair extra credits and is well-loved by photoshoot seekers. 

Its aggressive design was copied from Indian cobra charmers who provoked the snake with a pipe. As the snake takes a defensive position, it flattens its neck and chest region, appearing as if it is putting on a hood. 

The hooded throne chair is glamorous, and you can bet on its canopy to protect the owner from light. Also different from other chairs is its back side. It is covered with luxury materials. 

What is your pick?

From white to hooded throne chairs you have more than enough pickings to satisfy your interior design quest. A white chair is universal and can be used on many occasions including at home. Try renaissance chair for a personalized option.

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